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Iraq War Essay Examples

Essay on Iraq War

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Iraq war

Fast food became one of the most danger issues all over the world , people are used to eat fast food almost everyday as they see it quicker and more delicious than any other healthy food. People do not know how much they are harming themselves by eating junk food , it leads to a lot of diseases and illness because bodies will be deprived from the healthy food but by eating healthy food people will strength their health. Fast…...

The House I Live In

The war on drugs whether wrong, right, or indifferent, has yielded a plethora of life changing outcomes for many United States citizens. Both the plaintiff and the defendant have their own side of the dispute, and yet somehow the plaintiff in the non-stop ‘cash grab’ that’s so conveniently nicknamed the “War on Drugs” gets the benefit of zero-tolerance, or minimum sentencing. In most cases the defendants simply are doomed from the beginning due to horrible living conditions and lack of…...

Literary Analysis of Sunrise over Fallujah

The novel Sunrise Over Fallujah by Walter Dean Myers is a historical fiction novel that retells the memories of Robin Perry’s experience in Iraqi civil war. He was in a civil affairs unit, which is dedicated to protecting by standers in the war. Robin encounters various setbacks that try to slow down the progress of his unit such as the death of his close friend Jonsey. Walter Dean Myers portrayed his knowledge of the setting, aspects from the past, and…...

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ISIS Research Paper

Eastern Terrorist Organizations: ISIS Is ISIS Really a Threat to the United States? ISIS is a newly formed group that operates in the Eastern part of the world. The goal of this group is to create an Islamic state across Sunni areas of Iraq and in Syria. Currently, they control hundreds of square miles all over Iraq and Syria; this number is growing greater everyday. I believe that ISIS presents very little threat to the United States as a whole.…...

10 examples of political rhetoric

1. "Medicare is the binding commitment of a caring society." In President Bush's State of the Union Address, he describes what medicare is to the public. I honestly can not make any sense of this declaration. It seems like he is attempting to make Medicare into something it is not. It appears that Mr. Bush is just trying to sound smart in my opinion. 2. "Axis of evil" This is the term by which President Bush describes North Korea, Iraq,…...

Our Crazy World - Technology, Iraq and Hiv/AIDS

Our world today is a crazy one, in many ways. It is so different to what it used to be. The advancement of technology, coupled with such things as HIV/AIDS or terrorism and America's retaliation (and the Iraq War), combines to form a mind boggling, and somewhat depressing environment for one to live in. With DVD's and DVD players, Playstations 1s and 2's, and even 'old fashioned' things such as videos, cd's, and computers, technology easily confuses the innocent bystander.…...

Four P's in Foreign Policy

By analyzing the war on Iraq using the 4 P's framework offered by Bruce W. Jentleson in his Book American Foreign Policy, it appears that the US national interest objective can not be at the same time pleased in many of the cases. Iraq ended up being an US threat in 1990 when previous Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, led the intrusion of Kuwait. US, supported by the United Nations and numerous other countries, fought for the very first time versus…...

Moral reasoning

Moral reasoning is individual or collective practical reasoning about what, morally, one ought to do. For present purpose, we may understand issues about what is right or wrong, virtuous or vicious, as raising moral question. When we are faced with moral questions in daily life, just as when we are faced with child-rearing questions, sometimes we act impulsively or instinctively and sometimes we pause to reason about what we ought to do. Much of our reasoning comes about through are…...

Impacts of the Sixties Counterculture on History

Hippies represent the ideological, naive nature that children possess. They feel that with a little love and conectedness, peace and equality will abound. It is with this assumption that so many activists and reformers, inspired by the transformation that hippies cultivated, have found the will to persist in revolutionizing social and political policy. Their alternative lifestyles and radical beleifs were the shocking blow that American culture-- segregation, McCarthyism, unjust wars, censorship--needed to prove that some Americans still had the common…...

Grave of the Fireflies My Personal Reactions

Yet again this is another war movie. But unlike so many American blockbusters that treat brave soldiers as heroes (such as Pearl Harbor, We were soldiers, Windtalkers, etc.), this one addresses war's brutal impact on innocent civilians, especially children. With the war on Iraq now undergoing, this point has all the more relevance. Under the same American bombing, innocent Iraqi children are now suffering just as much as Seita and Setsuko in this movie have suffered, and even more, for…...

The Political Strengths and Weaknesses of the Bush Presidency

A United States president is a prominent personality, not only in shaping the country’s future, but, more importantly, that of the world. Because his power and influence is so immense, citizens of America, as well as those of other countries, always have their watchful eyes over the president. Thus, his policies, programs, and decisions receive both praises and massive criticisms from around the world. President George Walker Bush, one of the most controversial leaders of the United States of America,…...

Are There Any "Winners" in War?

War is not a game people play to win prizes or gain recognition for their skill. After one side surrenders, and a treaty is signed, one side does go home feeling like a winner. Both sides suffer irreplaceable losses. For this reason, there are no true winners in war. Some people may feel that they came out of the war victoriously, but as Agatha Christie said, To win a war is as disastrous as to lose one. For example, in…...

Report on History of The 7th Cavalry Regiment

The 7th Cavalry Regiment was constituted on July 28, 1866 in the Regular Army as the 7th Cavalry. It was organized on September 21, 1866 at Fort Riley, Kansas as part of an expansion of the Regular Army following the demobilization of the wartime volunteer and draft forces. From 1866 through 1871, the Regiment was posted at Ft. Riley and fought in the Indian Wars, notably at the Battle of the Washita in 1868. From 1871 through 1873, Seventh Cavalry…...

Control Room Analysis

In the documentary Control Room, the film makers construct their argument through the media and it's portrayal of the “War on Terror”. The film makers follow an Iraqi television station, Al Jazeera. The station broadcasts the “War on Terror” to the average Iraqi citizen as well as closely reports the atrocities of war at ground zero. Through this, the film maker voices the dismay of the Iraqi citizens as well as the assumed false intentions of the American troops. Throughout…...

War On Terror Argumentative

Terrorism has threatened the human population for as long as humans have existed. Terror is a person or thing that causes intense fear while terrorism is the systematic use of violence and intimidation to achieve some goal. (Centre for Human Rights, 3) Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled to, including the right to life, liberty, freedom of thought and expression, and equality before the law. (Centre for Human Rights, 5) “War on…...

Cavalry Division were indeed heroes

There seem to be no calm in my soul that supports the stand that the members of the 1st Cavalry Division were indeed heroes. And not just ordinary heroes, but heroes worth paying no ordinary homage and tribute. To lift beyond Raddatz’ work, I have a few friends and distant relatives who have been a drafted, and some who have lost their lives to the war on Iraq. And although it has been a loss for me, I do not…...

Selfless Service Essay

The Army Values are put here as guidelines for Soldiers to live by. They are a tool used to further enforce your core human morals. All seven values are important to keep close to your heart; however the one that sticks out to me the most is Selfless Service. Field Manual 7-22.7 defines selfless service as; “Putting the welfare of the Nation, the Army and your soldiers before your own”. In my opinion there are three main focal points in…...

Just War Theory

The Just War Theory is a principle of ethics followed in the military that originated from Catholic and Roman philosophy. The principle has also been put forward by international policy makers in the modern world in holding that conflicts should cater to the needs of political, religious and philosophical justice by following a given code of conduct. There are basically four ways in which war can be thought about. The first is realism whereby war becomes a subject matter of…...

Effects of War on Soldiers

The very act of getting as a soldier topics an individual to a plethora of stress related complications that stems from physical, emotional, to psychological elements of a human being. Soldiers go through intensive forms of training in order to acquire the much required battlefront resilience, nevertheless, far lots of military training facilities focuses on the physical part of the hardening at the cost of mental and psychological aspects. According to the U. S Army Chief of Infantry, Major General…...

Barack Obama 2004 Keynote Speech

During his keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Barack Obama introduced himself as a skinny kid with a funny name. The rising star of Illinois politics was elected to the U. S. Senate three months later. His delivery, using rhetoric, was full of fervid sentiment that reminds us of what we love about the United States of America. His passionate speech inspired Americans to renew their faith in their country and persist their individual dreams and yet still…...

Political Realism

According to realists, the conduct of international leaders differs very little from the conduct of a leader of a criminal organization. Realists’ underlying assumption, i. e. that the international system is in the condition of perpetual anarchy, is close to how crime bosses perceive the neverending competition between different gangs, clans or “crime families”, like the one Tony Soprano heads. Just like in relations between competing crews or between criminals and the government, no progress towards lasting peace is possible…...

Lessons from the Fog of War

The War in Afghanistan was launched on October 7, 2001 by the United States and the United Kingdom in response to the September 11, 2001 Al Qaeda attacks. It marked the beginning of President George Bush’s Great War against Terrorism. The Iraqi War refers to the United States-led invasion of Iraq which began on March 20, 2003. The invasion was prompted by the common belief amongst the US-led coalition that Saddam Hussein had managed to achieve nuclear and chemical warfare…...

Was Iraq War Justified?

In spring 2003 the United States led coalition launched the major offensive in order to oust the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. The offensive successfully ousted Saddam after a few month air strikes followed by ground offensive and President Bush announced “Mission Accomplished” when the coalition forces captured Baghdad. The declaration of war against Iraq has sparked a worldwide controversy about the justification of the War. This paper will discuss whether the “Iraq War” and the “Ousting of Saddam” was justified…...

Explain the Causes and Consequences of the Iraq War

On the 20th of March 2003, US cruise missiles and bombs were dropped on Baghdad, Iraq’s capital city. The target was the then Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein’s and his closest aides, who were believed to be in a meeting. It would be the start of a conflict that would still be going strong seven years later. Even after so many years of US-led invasion, the reasons for invading Iraq are still debated worldwide. As Allawi (2007) argues ‘in the history…...

Effect of Politics on Airlines and Breweries

The Effect of Political Factors on the Airline Industry and the Brewing Industry, 2005 Politics has a huge impact on all businesses, and the range of its influence is broad. Political factors include statutes which may be implemented because of a UK governmental decision or a decision in Europe, or by the UK being a signatory to an international agreement. Other legislation arises in response to issues such as terrorist threats. Other political influences include trade agreements, restrictions and opportunities…...

Is America Still The Greatest Nation Politics

The United States is unquestionably the strongest military and economic power in the world today, but other great empires have crumbled and America will suffer the same fate if even its own citizens and its friends around the world ever lose faith that America acts in the name of liberty, for the sake of democracy. What does this statement mean? The author of this statement was trying to express that no matter how great a nation is, if the citizens…...

Changes in US Foreign Policy after 9/11

On September 20th, 2001, President George W. Bush (2001, n. pag.) gave a speech addressing the events of nine days before: “On September the 11th, enemies of freedom committed an act of war against our country. Americans have known wars, but for the past 136 years they have been wars on foreign soil, except for one Sunday in 1941.” The speech drew upon the notion that America had been attacked and also laid the blame firmly at the door of…...

International communities are moderately effective in upholding the Responsibility to Protect Responsibility

International communities are moderately effective in upholding the Responsibility to Protect. Responsibility to Protect is an international security and human rights doctrine that expresses the responsibility of nation states to protect populations from genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. The principle of Responsibility to Protect declares that if a sovereign state is grossly hindering its citizens from obtaining basic humanitarian rights, the international community has a responsibility to protect its civilians, overriding state sovereignty. However the collective response' pillar…...

Background of the Terrorism

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Terrorism can be defined as an action or threat intended to influence the government or intimidate the people. It is a violent action in which its purpose is to advance a political, religious or ideological cause. Counter- terrorism is therefore the policies or activities used to prevent the acts of terrorism. It is also defined by an attempt by the governments to identify terrorists and the use of political strategies to prevent terrorism or the application…...

On March 20 2003 the United States invaded Iraq to overthrow the

On March 20, 2003, the United States invaded Iraq to overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein and ensure the protection of America's national security. Based on intelligence, leaders in the United States believed that they had enough proof that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and that to protect itself from another September 11th the U.S. must intervene. Yet, this event is one of the worst intelligence failures in America's history. When U.S. troops arrived in Iraq, they discovered that…...

America's Failed Strategy in the Middle East

Why did the USA fail to achieve its primary strategic objectives in Iraq after 2003? The war in Iraq of 2003 was and remains one big controversy that the foreign policy has ever undertaken by two countries the United States and the United Kingdom. The international community was divided into two parts, countries like France, Germany, Russia, and China were against this conflict. It’s been 16 years since the beginning of the most unfortunate episodes of the last century: the…...

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