IQ Essay Topics

IQ causes success

I was particularly intrigued by the authors’ discussion of the cultural differences that affect the ways in which people deal with concepts. In order to illustrate this point, the authors point to the different ways in which Chinese and American people deal with the conflict between capitalism and communism. The first tends to seek out… View Article

Identity theft IQ test

The website, www. privacy. org, featured two tests namely “Identity Theft IQ Test” and “Workplace Identity Theft IQ Test,” wherein people can more or less determine whether or not that they are at risk of unknowingly divulging their identities through identification cards and allowing shady characters to use them. In “Identity Theft IQ Test,” I… View Article

Face Recognition Ability Inherited Separately from IQ

This article supports the modularity hypothesis of the brain where it is expressed that the human brain is like a Swiss knife that is represented as “a general purpose tool with special-purpose devices” (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010, n. p. ). Such kind of mentality is based on the idea that specialized genes are located… View Article