IPM on Beetles Essay

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IPM on Beetles

The best way to control the beetles and simultaneously not affecting the vegetable crops and the bee pollination is to adapt the integrated pest management (IPM) on the farm. In order for the vegetable crops to maximize the yield, you must control pollination of bees that helps in the production of the crop and at the same time controlling beetle population that distract the beetle pollination. The first step is to control the reproduction of the beetles’ population.

One way to control the beetle population is to locate where the eggs of beetles are placed. Method in collecting the eggs may be by physical method was one collects and removes the eggs to the trunks or stems of the vegetable crops. Rotation of crop variety also slows down the reproduction of beetle population. If the beetles had hatch already, one way to stop the population is by implementing a natural enemy that will kill the beetle at the same time the vegetable crop and bee population can tolerate the natural enemy.

Putting into action the natural enemy is a main component of the integrated pest management program. Among the natural enemies of beetles are lacewings, predatory stink bugs, spiders. The vegetable crop and the bee population must tolerate the effects of these natural enemies. Another method is the use of botanicals that infest the bee population. Rotenone which is a commercial botanical substance obtained from the roots of a plant can lessen the beetle population.

This substance must be used with care because it is harmful to other animals like fish. (Kuepper, 2003) IPM is the best way to control the beetle population in order to for the vegetable crops yield to increase. Biological and cultural method can also be used in this pest control system but the latter methods are part of IPM. Reference: Kuepper, G. (2003). Colorado Potato Beetle: Organic Control Options. NCAT Agriculture Specialist.

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