Involved in finance Essay

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Involved in finance

A. I’ve always wanted to learn about accounting and all the ins-and-outs involved in finance. My goal was always to be the as best in accountancy as I could be. The only setback to this is the fact that to learn all of the needed knowledge, it would entail my going to a university, spending on tuition and giving up four years of my life to a classroom, rather than be in the practical environment. This is the point where my Boss comes in. He was the answer to my dilemma and the gift to my career that set me forth in learning. B. My Boss is an intelligent and learned man with a doctorate in accounting.

He was a man who mastered many skills in his field and had the passion to share his knowledge with all who wished to learn. It is because of his patience and diligence in teaching me that he granted me with the knowledge I needed in accounting. He gave me all I needed in four months of instruction, something that would have required me four years to learn in college. II. My Boss and his relationship with me A. I would say that my Boss, apart from being my superior, was someone I became comfortable with and was like a father to me. He gave me his time like and good father would do to his child.

He would stay with me and teach me, and I could see pride in his eyes when he saw me learning. It was as if I was a little bird in a nest and he was the father that was teaching me to fly. Indeed, it was as if he was looking at me as his son, and I to him as my father. He knew I was beginning a journey that he had well surpassed long ago. Now, he was seeing to it that I walked the right path and had the right knowledge to go on my way. I can’t describe enough how good he was to me and how far he went to give me all that I needed to be better. B.

Another good thing, or should I say ‘great’ thing, about my boss is that apart from the role of a father, he was also my friend. He was someone that I could talk to and that I knew would listen to me. It is true that he was like a father and he would look on me, instruct me and guide me, as the mentor that he was. However, apart from that, he was someone I could chat with about just everything. He was someone who would be interested in your everyday life and in things you wanted to share. This is believe is one thing that set him apart from everyone else.

Others describe bosses as ‘bossy’ and harsh. As for him, he was the opposite. He was a kind man and understanding to all people around him. III. My Boss as the Employer that he was. A. As an employer, due to his good manner and how well he conducted himself to everyone, he was well-loved by everyone. When I interviewed people at his workplace, they said that he was very patient with people and gave you time to learn. His belief is that learning is like an ocean, vast and endless, and it takes a lot of time for a person to keep on garnering more knowledge.

Other employees also described him as a very patient man. Even if as a boss, he could have been overbearing, he chose not to be. He was very patient and understood the situations people could be in. He was also very generous and giving, most especially of his time and the information he had to teach. He believed that people must learn from each other, and always pass knowledge on. He believed that mistakes were acceptable and were a necessary part of learning and improvement. IV. My Boss as a Family Man A. As a family man, my boss was just as great as he was in work.

If not, he was probably even better, as what he gave to his own family must have been even deeper than to people at work. On speaking to his wife, she mentioned that she was a dream father. One couldn’t ask for more than who he was. He was there for his kids in school. He stood by them when they were sick and took care of them. He listened to them, played with them and was personal with them. B. He was a great husband as well. He had so much love to give everyone, and such devotion and loyalty to his wife. He was always there for her whenever she needed him. C. His family is a success story.

Because of the man he was, and the example he brought, his children lived good lives. Two daughters became doctors, one son a lawyer, and one other daughter followed his footsteps into accounting. V. Conclusion Truly, it is not surprising how people reacted to my boss because of the good he brings into the world. He was a man of good heart, open-minded and was there for everyone. He built an empire with love and by helping everyone who needed him. His life anthem could best be summarized by his definition of word T. E. A. M. : “Together Everyone Achieves More”.

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