Invisible organizations and systems in LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort Essay

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Invisible organizations and systems in LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort

Invisible organizations and systems that part of the firm that reflects the rules, regulations, and processes upon which the organization is based. (John E. G. Bateson, K. Douglas Hoffman, 2010, page 11)

The main role of LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort is to offer services that afford thrills, fun and experience; however, all customers consume them at the same time.

That means they are influenced by each other, next by LEGOLAND´s contact personnel (Service providers) and the big part of their final experience is being influenced by the servicescape – by all visible factors of Servuction model. In order to achieve the maximal possible satisfaction of customers, LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort uses it´s invisible organizations and systems that support all previously mentioned factors and allow them to serve the customers and give them ordered services on the appropriate level. The customers consume the services without having to see and know the behind-the-scenes activities.

Rides and Attractions – LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort offers over 55 types of rides and attractions which including Miniland, LEGO® City, Adventure Land, Land of the Vikings, Imagination Centre and other different interactive attractions.

– Visitors buy ticket and can to savour a lot of fun, however behind this experience there is maintaining of the attractions which is invisible for visitors, but very important for their security. Visitors cannot see the system used for allocating attractions throughout the park.

Resort Hotel – Visitors can book online one of the 150 rooms which are fully themed with LEGO features from the dragon-guarded entrance through to the brightly colored pirate splash pool and themed bedrooms, too. – The main core of the Resort Hotel is staying overnight which is visible for customers.

Although the customers may never see the system assigning rooms or preparing the rooms for a new customer. Food and Drinks – Customers can choose place where to eat from 5 Food options and 5 Dining offers, they also can reserve a table or contact the LEGOLAND Windsor Enquiries Team with customers´ specific dietary. – When the customers make an order, they get a prepared meal but they do not know how the meal was cooked and how the kitchen is supplied with commodities.

Shopping –9 types of shops are located throughout the park, visitors can experience the ultimate LEGO shopping in the largest retail shop called The Big Shop. With LEGOLAND´s “Buy Now, Collect Later” option, customers can explore the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort and shop to their heart´s content without having to worry about their items. Shop assistants will keep the items safe until customers are ready to collect them at the end of their day. – Supplementing the shelf of goods, unloading and storing the goods in a warehouse are all invisible for the customers. In some cases the customers will never meet with the supplementing thanks to a “Buy Now, Collect Later” option.

Birthday parties – Visitors have an option to celebrate their birthday at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort, they just have to email LEGOLANDs´ Birthday team who will arrange the customer´s birthday party. – The Customers do not have any care with party because everything will be prepared by team, therefore they cannot see which system used in arranging of birthday room and an event.

Water play area – There is also a LEGO themed indoor water play area specifically designed for family fun and a life guard for safety. – Swimming pools have to be maintained because of hygiene and safety of visitors therefore maintainers control pH of water and they fill and discharge water in the pools. All of these operations are practiced when visitors are absent.

Internal relations between the main elements and processes in LEGOLAND®
Windsor Resort

The first step to identify internal relations, we must recognize the essential elements of LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort. The service management system (Figure 1) will help us to solve this issue. (Normann, R., 2002. Service management: Strategy and leadership in service business. 2nd ed. Chichester: Wiley, pages 57- 60)

Figure 1 – The service management system

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