Investigatory Project: Flavonoid Phytonutrients

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The rinds of orange and other citrus fruits contain flavonoid phytonutrients. John A. Manthey, a chemist of the USDA Agricultural Research Service, discovered that these flavonoids can lower LDL, “bad”, cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels at a significant level. They also have potential anti-inflammatory properties. All these benefits can help reduce the risk of heart disease. While it’s important to practice healthy habits like staying out of the sun and wearing sunblock, orange peels might help prevent skin cancer. Orange peels contain d-limonene, which can lower your chances of developing squamous cell skin cancer, explains D-limonene, found in the citrus oil of the orange peel, seems to inhibit skin tumor growth.

Donna Daniels proclaimed at May 29, 2009 that using orange or lemons to keep the Gnats and mosquitoes away from you when you are outside is a natural way to keep bugs away. You don’t have to spend money on any expensive mosquito or gnat repellant and you can eat the fruit before you use the peels.

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It is economical to use the lemon or orange peels as mosquito and gnat repellent and it won’t hurt you or your children since orange peels are all natural.

University of York, England (September 15, 2009 1:30 p.m.) – Orange peel could be Used to make bio-based plastics commercially within two years, according to scientists behind a breakthrough discovery at the University of York. Scientist say they can break down peel into simple monomers that can be used to make plastics and that there is no reason why the technology could not be in the wide use soon.

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The research team subjected orange peel to microwaves to extract the hydrocarbon limonene found within it. Limonene is used as a degreasing agent in industry and is commonly found in house- hold products such as washing-up liquid and fabric detergent. Source:

Review of Related Literature

Debralynndad proclaimed orange peel as ant repellent. Water based indoor /Outdoor insecticide that may be used around food, humans and pets. Though it kills insects on contact, it is safe to use around food, humans, and pets. It’s inventor was inspired by magazine articles that reported when someone took citrus hand cleaner and poured it down a fire ant hill, every ant was killed. “If you ever look at oranges, you’ll notice that the peels are never bitten into by anything,” says the inventor. “Orange peel is a natural repellent.” Source:

Mary Kennedy Thompson proclaimed citrus peels can deodorize garbage Disposal simply keep the peel the next time you eat an orange. You can

Use it to deodorize the garbage disposal. It’s a nifty way to save money on cleaning supplies during this sour economy. “Using a handful of citrus peels and ice cubes is a great way to get a clean and fresh smelling kitchen sink,” she said Mary Kennedy Thompson, President of Mr. Rooter Corporation

Odors can form when food debris builds up in the garbage disposal. But getting rid of The smell can be inexpensive and simple spring cleaning project that can save you Money. Source:

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