Investigatory Project Essay

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Investigatory Project

We would like to dedicate this experiment we did to every mother, nannies, maids, and the likes who work hard each and every day or our lives. They, who sweat a lot just to give us fresh, newly-washed and sweet smelling clothes. They, who doesn’t only clean our clothes yet helped us to clean our minds and souls and has been in our journey ever since. This is for them to help in their daily work so that they won’t be that exhausted and can still have a great skin because we all know how doing the laundry by hand can make our skins dry.

We have experienced a lot in this experiment. Like, first time doing laundry, working our minds out and lot of things about laundry. This is probably one of the greatest experiments we had.

I, Shei Solis would like to thank my mother for the support she gave me while I was doing my best in laundry and the help she gave when I don’t know what to do at all. I’m not usually doing the laundry that’s why I had a rough time.

I, Ma Get Tan would like to thank my mother who has taught everything there is to know about laundry and my sister, Ma Gell

Tan who helped us to do the experiment.

To every maid, mothers, nannies, and everyone who does the laundry, thank you very much because you have kept our life clean with you washing our clothes. Right now, we have known what it is like to be washing clothes. It hurts your hands because of the friction and then your hands will get dry. We’ve finally known all the hardships you’ve done for us. And because of that, here is our little study that might help you to save not only your money but also your time, efforts, and your precious skin. Enjoy!

Introduction We conducted the study because we wanted to learn more about laundries, about the different kind of fabrics, the stains and others that might help us in our future paths that we might take like Fashion, Fine Arts, or the likes.

Also, we found out how very hard it is to do the laundry that’s why sometimes when the person doing the laundry got carried away their skins get dry or becomes rough. That’s why we conducted this study. We also found out that water can be one factor why doing the laundry can make our skin rough or dry.

In doing this, we will be able to answer the questions every mother on what is the right detergent soap to use. We will be able to know what is more effective between the two soaps, namely: Champion and Pride. What cleans faster and what whitens better.

And from this research, mothers, nannies, maids, and all the ladies who do the laundry will be benefited. Because their work will be much easier if they would know the right detergent to use right from the start. They would save time, money, and energy from thinking and laundering. Just for example, they would use detergent that is very ineffective because they thought that that soap would be the best and when they used it, they already did all things to remove stains but *poof* nothing happened. So just imagine using the products that are very ineffective, you will just waste time, energy, and money.

Our study is not just about clothes. It’s also about the different kinds of stains, the different fabrics, the different detergents, how to properly do the laundry and the effect of detergents on people who do the laundry by hand. It’s for them to learn more about what they are doing to find the helpful brand of detergent powder.

We conducted this study for two weeks. Three days for soaking the stained shirt, one day for washing it with detergent, and three days for making it dry. To find out more about our study, you can search the main two brands, the different kinds of stains, the different fabrics, home economics or you can just check our index where we got the information.

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