Investigation Findings Essay

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Investigation Findings

This is to alert your department about unusual complaints I have received in my department. This called for crucial investigation of facts behind them. The process began immediately when Handee Hardware, Inc. , one of our product’s buyers wrote a letter concerning the state of the best selling UT904 pipe wrench. He claimed that he sold a faulty wrench whose usability was questionable. Upon my intervention, I engaged Mr. Russ, my supervisor who seemed not to be happy on how final users of our products are not going as per the required use of the product or totally don’t know how to use them.

Later in my investigation, I received an e-mail from Araya Trevas, a colleague in my department. His message seemed to admit about this fault but insisted that he knows only of 4 cases which he claims to have brought no harm to anybody. He went ahead and criticized Chel Thomas, the owner of the hardware of employing tactical means to unload his unused inventory or even getting some discount on the next order by using such cases. Request was send to Kyla Wallaco, one of the company engineers.

He claimed to know about such faults only in UT903 (no longer sold) wrench handles which was later redesigned as UT904. It was tested to meet the ANSI standards. He further demanded to know more about such circumstance. The following are suggested recommendations; all supervisors should not escape the responsibilities, our tools should be branded and provided with authenticity seals to avoid controversies, there should be a proper communication amongst the responsible departments especially during such transactions.

Another most crucial implementation is the senior staff integrity which has subjected other staff to intimidations. Last of all is warranty provision especially for larger inventories and user manuals should be prepared and attached alongside our tools. Thank you for your prompt attention to this. Part 2: Letter Customer Service Department, United Tools: 20 Central Avenue Dover, TX 76104 July 26, 2010. Chel Thomas, owner Handee Hardware, Inc. Millersville, AL 61304

Attention: Mr. Chel Thomas Subject: UT904 Dear Mr. Thomas: This is to sincerely inform you that, upon reception of your complaints about the invoiced faulty equipments, the company has processed the request and acted appropriately. Your letter dated December 4, 2009 was received by the responsible Customer Service Department in our organization. It then forwarded to marketing department, all supervisory offices, engineers’ offices, and other Customer Service Department’s staff.

Several issues were raised concerning the integrity of letter. It was found that the faulty UT903 pipe wrenches you claimed to be faulty (also confirmed) are no longer transacted on. The big question was how it penetrated into your hardware given that the department invoiced the right equipments. It is also worth noting that, our organization takes keen interest gives such sensitive matters enough time to comprehend circumstances under which they occurred.

You are therefore required to have some patience as the matter is already in the advanced stages and is being worked on. This will be successful only if you can trace your customers to return back the faulty pipe wrenches so that they can be taken to our laboratories and their authenticity be tested and if they meet ANSI standards as required by law. Your cooperation here will be highly appreciated. Please take note on the urgency of this matter. Sincerely Yours Customer Service Department, CSD: Cc: Mr. Russ Ong

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