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Investigating the resistance of a wire Essay

The experiment is safe because the voltage from the multimeter will do no harm to you and you should not use it near water. Method I am investigating the resistance of a wire and testing what happens to the current if I use different lengths of wires. First I will use 10cm of wire and connect the multimeter up properly like the picture below also I would measure the wire exactly then I would place the crocodile clips on the ends of the wire and do that for every 10cms up to 200cms and record the resistance.

I would use all of the same equipment again and do the experiment another 2 times to workout the average. Diagram I will make the experiment accurate by doing all of the below and do the same test three times to work out an average  1. Using the same equipment  2. Measure the wire.  3. Connecting everything together properly 4. Once set up do not disturb the experiment  5. Make sure the multimeter is set to Ohms  6. Using the setting on the multimeter.

If I wanted to get very precise results I could do the experiment another few times This is how I kept it a fair test:  If you change the length you must keep.  The wire the same width.  The same material. The same temperature. Prediction I predict the longer the wire the more power will be resisted. That is because in a longer piece of wire the electrons collide with the atoms. Obtaining Results Table Observations Analysing Graphs Evaluation Errors Possible Improvements.

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