Investigating Special Education Internet Resources Essay

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Investigating Special Education Internet Resources

Family Village For Families of Children with Special Needs – This website offers a wide variety of resources for the community to use when trying to navigate around the internet. It has sources such as Parent to Parent Matching, Mental health Websites, Diagnosis, and Internet resources.

The Tulsa Area Alliance on Disabilities – The website explains the benefits of early inclusion with students with and without disabilities. The website also breaks down the stages in which the person should be reaching milestones such as work and self-sufficiency. Tulsa Kids For Parents. For Families. For Life –

The Tulsa Kids for Parents webstie offers five pages facilities where children with disabilities can utilize for exercise, activities, cheerleading, horseback riding and many other events that students with disabilities can participate in. This site also provides churches, foundations, learning facilities and legal services. This can be very helpful when parents are searching for activities their child may be interested or therapeutic exercise. United Way – Tulsa Area United Way – The Untied Way provides a tremendous amount of support in the Tulsa area for people with disabilities.

The United Way partners with agencies to provide support for services the New Leaf that provides residential living skills classes and vocational training. Parents National Center for Learning Disabilities – The NCLD website provides over 101 videos on different disabilities in order for parents to get an understanding of what type of disability their child may have. Not only does it provide facts about the disabilities it also provides true life stories from parents who have a child with a disability. Oklahoma Department of Human Services. services/dd/prvdrs/docs/providerlistab.htmlThe Department of Human Services is one of the most crucial services a parent can utilize. Having a child born with a disability is very expensive and the services the parents are offered are sometimes are life savers. Families can rely on free home visits for therapy, vouchers for formula, free shots and wellness baby checkups. Wrightslaw –

Wrightslaw is a website that provides newsletters for parents to subscribe to concerning where to turn for Special Advocacy, Legal issues, revised regulations in education. This is a must to parents with a child that has a disability due to the fact that the website gets you headed in the right directs if a problem arises. The information is up to day on the No Child Left Behind Act.


Funbrain – – This website provides interactive games such as connect the dots to create a picture of an animal or character. Funbrain is for all school age students and are arranged in different grade levels. KidsKnowIt Network – – The Kids Know It Network can be used as a homework helper by watching math videos on the problems a student may be struggling with. There are also bidoes on astronomy, biology, geology, history, math, memory and so much more. Teachers can utilize this website as an additional tool in the classroom. The great part about this website is it is free. Learn4Good – – Learn4Good offers all ages Pre-k through 12 interactive games, lessons, math, reading, and can provide a report on student progress. At first I did not think students should be on this website but then took a closer look at what it had to offer the lower grades as well as the upper grades. Many times the older grades do not have enough educational websites to keep their interests or only geared to lower level learners.

Starfall – – Starfall offers children a large variety of learning tools to begin students learning adventures for all ages. The different categories range from learning their alphabet, colors, days, sounds to the students reading. My students with disabilities use this website when they come into the computer lab.

Teachers Department of Education The Department of Education is one of the most valuable websites that keeps teachers and administrators informed of the changing laws in education. It provides resources for grants, professional development and funding. Do2Learn Do2Learn is a must for teachers who teach children with autism.

It allows you to print pictures of the child’s daily routine with flash cards. Self help toilet procedures, clothing, social behaviors and emotions. It offers over 2,500 pictures cards that can be printed. Most features on this site are free but there are some that you will need a subscription for. This website is a must for parents and teachers who work with Autistic students.

Khan Academy Khan Academy is one of the most valuable websites for teachers to utilize as a resources tool. It offers 750 math videos that allows students to view a 3-5 minute video on the math problem that they are currently working. If students struggle with a certain step of a math problem they can view the video as many times as they may need. This is great as a homework helper. Learning Disabilities Association of America The LDA can provide a path to understanding of many of the disabilities that teachers come in contact with every day. As an educator it is important to utilize resources that can provide definitions of their student’s disabilities. It provides signs, symptoms and strategies.

National Association of Special Education Teachers The NASET offers a wide range of resources for teachers such as Professional Development Courses, IEP Development Tools, E-Journals, IEP Golas, Objectives and Activities App. The most up to day features are also avail and can be utilized form your ipad or iphone app. One very important feature about this website is that it provides handouts, printable forms and reports.

No Child Left Behind The No Child Left Behind website offers resources for teachers and strategies that can be utilized in the classroom. Free special educational resources, bullying resources, are just some of the resources. The website also provides changes in the state standards, which is something that all teachers need to be aware of at all times.

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