Inverness To Edinburgh By Train

The Journey Details – Quick Overview

Inverness, the city of Highlands, is about 200 kilometers from the Scottish capital Edinburgh. ScotRail provides regular direct trains from Inverness to Edinburgh. The average journey time from Inverness to Edinburgh is about 3 hours and 40 minutes. During the weekdays, the train schedules begin early in the morning with trains departing almost every 90 minutes until the final departure. However, during the weekend, the first train departs later while the last one departs early in the evening. There are also trains from Inverness to Edinburgh involving to stop once at Perth using the ScotRail services.

Where to Start Your Journey

Taking the Train from Inverness

On the Academy Street in the center of the town lies the Inverness Railway Station. Inverness is a compact city. Therefore it is a short walk from the station to the River Ness, the castle and the main shopping center.

The bus station nearby provides coach services over the area, regional Stagecoach buses for routes all over the town and the shuttle to the airport.

You can find taxis at the station entrance.

Which Platform to Take?

Trains from Inverness Railway Station depart from one of 7 platforms. The trains for Edinburgh are estimated to depart from platform 3 or sometimes platform 4.

Best Time to Travel

Throughout the year, you can find a range of events, exhibitions, and festivals that suits every taste, age, and pocket in Edinburgh.

When you visit Edinburgh in August, you can find artists from the world’s biggest and the city’s world-class festival of arts and experience its thrills, spills, and artistic highlights.

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And when you visit there at New Year, you can have fun in the world’s biggest Hogmanay party.

Trains From Inverness to Edinburgh

ScotRail and London North Eastern Railway (LNER) are the two services that operate direct trains from Inverness to Edinburgh Waverley station.

You may get details for the tickets and the entire journey from Inverness to Edinburgh on Trainline, Omio, TripAdvisor also.

Typical Cost

The average ticket cost from Inverness to Edinburgh is around £ 46 ($56) if you buy it on the day. But the cheapest tickets can be found for only £ 41 ($50).

The best way to find a cheap fare is to book your ticket as far in advance as you can and to avoid traveling at rush hour or you can equip yourself with a railcard to save money on your train journeys. To save even more money, make sure to reserve the ahead of time ticket for an off-peak time. Finally, yet importantly, you could also save up to 34% (thanks to GroupSave) when traveling in groups of three to nine.

Shop Now For Your Train Tickets

The Trainline has a reliable cost comparison for train tickets. To take a look at the times and all kinds of fares for tickets from Inverness to Edinburgh, click here.

Journey Length

The distance from Inverness to Edinburgh is 113 miles (181 km) having an average journey time of 3 hours and 38 minutes, while the fastest route that you can find maybe of at least of 3 hours and 15 minutes. Around 14 trains travel from Inverness to Edinburgh on an average weekday. The time to travel from Inverness to Edinburgh may be longer on weekends and holidays.

Stations on the Way

The Highland Main Line is a railway line in Scotland that links a series of small towns and villages with Perth at one end and Inverness at the other running through the Scottish Highlands. The services between Inverness and Edinburgh use the line nowadays.

The stations:

  •  Perth
  •  Dunkeld and Birnam
  • Pitlochry
  •  Blair Atholl
  •  Dalwhinnie
  •  Newtonmore
  •  Kingussie
  •  Aviemore
  •  Carrbridge
  •  Inverness

What to Expect as You Pass Each Station?

Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful, scenic journey? The route from Inverness to Edinburgh gives you pleasure as the whole journey is full of aesthetic sites. As you travel from Inverness towards Edinburgh, at the Dunkeld & Birnam, you will discover the historic station and signal box. Then at Pitlochry, you will see the beautiful and well-maintained Victorian station. Moving on to Dalwhinnie, you will find the highest station on the line, home to a famous whiskey distillery.

To have a break and chill out, get off the train at Carrbridge, where you will get to explore the historic Highland village. Capture the spectacular Old Pack Horse Bridge in your phones. (This shot is worth a Snapchat story!)

Also don’t forget to check out and explore the majestic Blair Castle, Ruthven Barracks and Kincraig Wildlife Park along the Highland Line.


  • Make sure to traverse the only living wooden viaduct at Aultnaslanach.
  • The Pass of Killiecrankie, the betwixt road and river and the Soldiers Leap are the must-see attractions.
  • Travel in the mist and rain over the Drumochter Summit and the Cairngorms as you enter in Aviemore.

Traveler’s Top Tip

Get your seat reserved on the right-hand side of the train when booking your train ticket to Edinburgh. You will enjoy fascinating views of the coastline from Newcastle to Berwick-upon-Tweed.

The Stop at Edinburgh – Journey Ends

Which is the Main Train Station in Edinburgh?

Long-distance trains from Inverness to Edinburgh all arrive at Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station on one of 20 platforms – Edinburgh’s mainline station. This train station is within walking distance of central Edinburgh, right by the main shopping area of Princes Street, the city’s best shopping area. Numerous bus routes serve the station, with night services available from the adjacent Waverley Bridge. The modern tram line, with a nearby stop on Princes Street, serves the west of the city and the airport.

There are four ways to exit the station. If heading for New Town, take the Prince’s Street exit, if going to the Old Town, take the Market Street exit. Waverley Bridge exits allow access to both sides of the city. The main concourse is in the center of the station; here you will find the main ticket office and timetables for trains to and from Edinburgh and besides which is a taxi rank located inside the station.

Getting Into Edinburgh By Train

Stepping off the train at Edinburgh puts you right in the heart of the action. Emerging from Waverley Station, in the shadow of the Castle, you have the whole city at your feet. Castles, dungeons, ghosts, and tunnels give Scotland’s capital an air of mystique, but there’s more to Edinburgh than history and creepy tales. With its atmospheric streets, stylish architecture culture, food and festivals, with a fascinating mix history and renowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Edinburgh offers countless attractions for visitors fascinated by history and culture. Walk the Royal Mile which leads from the iconic medieval Edinburgh Castle as its centerpiece; the National Museum of Scotland; the Gallery of Modern Art; to the Palace – the Queen’s official residence, to get a taste of the city’s medieval past. Stroll the elegant New Town to experience Enlightenment Edinburgh. If that sounds like hard work, stop off to refresh yourself in one of the historic bars of the city or world-class restaurants before heading out to take in one of Edinburgh’s many events — including the famous summer festivals of culture, or the Winter Festivals of music, light, and ceilidhs.

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