Inventory System Essay

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Inventory System

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Related Studies
Paki research nala neu ha internet about eu related studies hine nga supply inventory system parehas hitun related literature na ada ha egbaw.

Research Design
Research Environment
Historical Notes
Research Procedures
Research Instruments
Research Respondents
Statistical Treatment
Paki basa la ngan pake intendi hine nga chapter III?
Kailangan han eu groupo mag study hine nga research sitaution Halimbawa/Example: kun teacher eu research study, kailangan about teacher method la it ebutang nganhi. Sugad hit design,environment,procedures ngan instruments, respondents naada naka butang ha igbaw. pag download nala kamu para about hine nga method and procedures basta related hit eu system study..


Document of the Current System
The document of current system uses manual process in all its transaction. Personnel en-charge uses a manual process in managing the stocks and inventory of the office supply. Inventory is sometimes not updated, and products are not verified on time. Time and effort consumed in verifying the exact number of products and the personnel en-charge has to browse the stock room to count manually.

Figure 4 – Current System Manual Flowchart

Hardware Setup(waray ku maisip na pasible ngada hit eyu hardware setup) Software and Application Used( anu it eu gamit na software application?)

Document of the Proposed System
The Supply Inventory System basically support the primary processes of the business’ transactions.
Implementation of Supply Inventory System will initiate some changes in the work flow of the EVSU B University business transactions. The School has lots of computer parts to offer etc.

Software Requirements
The following software requirements will make the system operational: Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
PHP 5.3.1
Cascading Style Sheet(CSS)
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

Hardware Requirements Specification
The proponents recommended the following to make the system operational: Computer Set(Server)
-Speed 64 bit 4 cores or higher
-Resolution 1024×768
-RAM 8 GB or higher
-Hard disk 750 GB or higher
Computer Set (Clients)
-Speed 1.50 GHz
-Resolution 1024×768
-RAM 512 MB or higher
-Hard disk 40 GB or higher
Internet Connection
Automatic voltage regulator
Router or switches
Lan cable
Today, web applications are playing important roles in present online business industry. We can see from online office supply, mobile showrooms management, electronic and other school facilities office are operated through online. There are online office supply websites which are most popular and bus and train ticket reservation related projects. Considering importance of online web business we designed Supply Inventory System where users can find products spare parts, latest school facilities in the office supply of University. Computerized methods are useful in making work accurate, reliable, efficient, and capable for a very systematic and fast access in item of the product, every ordering and purchasing product must be versatile to the current trends and innovation in today’s changes in

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