Inventory System Essay

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Inventory System

The need for computerized system in our modern time, especially on the field of business is undeniable. The manual process in a business may be the cause of poor services, unorganized data or unreliable security.

In this documentation, the big differences of a manual process to a computerized system will be manifest beyond the following chapters.  The researcher, propose a computerized system to the company of I.T Mechanics. Even though they have a point of sale they don’t have a computerized system when it comes to their inventory. The proposed system, are efficient in tracking the movement of the inventory, secure all the data from any possibilities to misplace it and providing reliable reports that are easy to generate and understand It will help the company to manage the business in terms of inventory management system.

The importance of Information Technology in this project is well known. Information Technology helps the students as well as the teachers in studying the course material easily because of fast access. Studying the subjects with the help of online libraries and dictionaries has made grasping and increasing the knowledge easy for the students. Information technology is also useful in terms of business. There are many businesses, which are in need of the software packages for satisfying their operational as well as functional needs. For fulfilling this requirement, these companies sign deals with the software manufacturing companies.

1.1 Project Overview

The project is tending to change the manual system of I.T Mechanics when it comes on their inventory system that results to their poor inventory process and time wasting data storage, for better storage of data.

Our system will provide I.T Mechanics a quality in terms of inventory system. Our inventory system is a friendly user program, has a high security system and a good interface with special features like calendar, calculator for the computations and time.

Our system will automatically track the numbers of raw material after the transaction with the customer. So that the employees will easily know the current numbers of raw material and it will warn them for any demand or re-ordering of apply.

1.2 Project Scope and Limitation and Features


* Has a sale reports, daily, weekly and monthly

* Has a high security features

* Our system will; automatically track the numbers of raw materials after the transaction with the customer.


* Inventory management is not necessarily simple or easy to learn, A company’s management team must dedicate a certain amount of time to learning a new system, Including its software and hardware, In order to put it to use.

* Our system exclusively for IT mechanics company only.

1.3 Project Objectives

* The proposed system is the inventory System w/ point of sale that can replace, handle and manage easier the manual inventory managing system of IT Mechanics. * To develop a system that can secure all the transaction record of the company * To develop a database for the customer service and products to reduce wasting time of transaction.

1.4 Time to be spent on the project

* We’re already to spend a lot of time not only to a minimum total of 162 Hours required of school for report writing and for the preparation of this project, much early time to be done much better, until we meet the submission and deadlines. 1.5 Selecting a project

* We choose this system because we are familiar to the processes of this system, And it will not be difficult for use to make a change in our system if it is needed and also we can put some features if our client want.

1.6 Project Adviser

* Our project adviser Mr. Billy Tierra, We decided to choose him because he was graduated from PUP as Bachelor Science of Information Technology and work as professor in Bestlink college of the Philippines, he has experience as personal programmer in private company. We think about him, he should be able to handle and can help us to our project proposal.

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