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Inventory management system Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 13 (3038 words)
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Technology is simultaneously advancing together with what internet offers. Many system made by programmers and companies are innovating people look and need them via internet. One click, thousands results, probably millions or ever billions of different system. One button press brings people to new discoveries and massive enjoyment. A sales and inventory system is a system that can handle a company data. With this system, company will not easily lost their record of items and record of their daily, monthly or yearly income.

Some companies have not yet developed their system like this, they still in the handing out of records manually, then write it on in an inventory book.

Yet the main problem with the manual inventory is easy to lost, recording is slow and spend a lot time when doing it. With the sales and inventory management system, recording became easy and didn’t spend a lot of time. It can also print a receipt, records of items sold daily, record of stocks and it can add a new item or edit a price or designed.


The proponents design a Point-of-Sale and Inventory System to automate the transaction of ALMER’s Digital Printing and Audio Visual Presentation. This system helps the client to minimize the time in computing the amount to be paid by the customer and in tracking the supplies of the shop. The system is not a hassle for the client since the proponents designs the system in a user-friendly way.

The ALMER’s Digital Printing and Audio Visual Presentation Point-of-Sale and Inventory System aims to make the work easier and comfortable. Computations and monitoring of the supplies and sales is fastened in this matter. There is consistency in accessing the reports since all transactions are saved in a database that later on generates the appropriate reports. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

Companies are using inventory systems for quickly growth and success. Inventory systems have a variety of functions purposes in businesses. Promoting the sales and shrinkage control are two main functions of inventory system. Promoting the sales function deals with availability of sufficient products for the customers where a shrink age control function deals with monitoring the occurrence of damage loss, or theft, etc. of the products.

The problem arises in keeping the transaction faster and convenient both in the staff and the customer. At the same time, the report may not be consistent enough since it is in written forms. Since the company is on its early stage, the existing system then is the manual one. A staff is designated in a certain counter of the shop that accepts the item/s purchased by a customer. Using a calculator, that staff computes the total amount due of the customers. That staff using receipt forms produces the official receipt manually. All transactions are managed manually especially the adding and updating the products available in the compay. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

This study aim to develop a Sales and Inventory Management System of ALMER’S Digital Printing and Audio Visual Presentation, this was the system that we would like to implement to be able to lessen the company’s human effort, to save materials, products, transaction of the company. This system can also print a receipt for a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly transaction records to serve as the company’s hard copy. It can also check the number of stocks that was recorded in this system every day.

Specific Objectives
1. Create a Sales and Inventory system that include saving of stocks, transaction and printing of reports of ALMER’S Digital Printing and Audio Visual Presentation. 2. Design a Sales and Inventory system that can print receipt for the customer of the company. 3. Test and upgrade the system.

This study is about the Sales and Inventory Management System. It is intended for the company wants have to keep their records or files in a long period of time. Adding new item/product: allow users to add a new product

Adding of item stocks: only the admin is allow to add the number of stock. Printing of Report: allow users to print all report like weekly sales, all transaction, inventory report Sales and Report: allow user to print a report in daily, between dates and all transaction it also print a report of customer who are buying as installment. Create Transaction: allow user to create a transaction with receipt. Cancel Transaction: allow user to cancel transaction but it need an admin code. Transaction of Installment: allow user to view the customers that has a balance. Changing User: allow user to change account into other admin or employee. Changing Admin Code: allow admin to change the security code. Creating New Users Account: allow user to create a new user account but it need an admin code to register.

There are two access levels of this system. The first and the powerful one is the Administrator. He She has the overall authority and access in the system. Another function of the administrator is that he/she maintains the system. The other one is the authorized employee that has the right of entry in the Point-of-Sale. He/She is the one responsible in accepting transactions from the customers. The administrator is providing all the usernames and passwords of the users of this system.

The authorized user can to view and make an update with the reports generated by the system. The authorized user can define the date range of the report needed to view or update a certain report. He she is allowed to print the said report.

ALMER’S Digital Printing and Audio Visual Presentation and Inventory System is limited in terms of the devices used. The system is installed in a desktop computer instead to a touch screen monitor. The printer connected to it is an ordinary printer instead of a receipt printer.

The system is not capable of accepting credit cards as a means of payment from the customer. Another thing is that it is not connected to a barcode reader that is used by different shops today. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY

To the Company – for their business transaction, keeping of records, adding of their stock and printing of reports. Inventory system will be proposed. To the User – this system helps the user to encode and print report easily. To the Customer – this system helped the customer to view their transaction.

Figure 2.1 Conceptual Framework

Definition of Terms
Application is a shorter form of application program. An application program is a program designed to perform a specific function directly for the user or, in some cases, for another application. Inventory is an application use for keeping records.

Management is an act, art, or manner of managing, controlling, etc. Point of Sale (POS) or checkout is the place where a transaction occurs in exchange for goods or services. Receipt a written acknowledgement that something, as goods, money, etc. Sales the act of selling or exchanging something or some services for an agreed some money.

Chapter II

Method of Research Used

The fundamental concentration of this study endorses the systematically and orderly gathering of all necessary data in accomplishing and completing the study. Using systematized procedures which involve a series of essential activities will lead the researchers to the development of the study. The first step in finding solution starts with a deeper understanding of the
current status of the study. By doing this, different problems within the system can be identified and therefore seeking for appropriate solutions will be needed for the improvement of existing system. Data gathering procedure such as personal observation, research, survey questionnaires, and interview will be used for the acquisition of relevant data.

The Descriptive Method is a fact finding approach with adequate interpretation. This method allows the researcher to collect data and to report from the point of view of some objectives and basic assumption of the study. It also analyses and interprets the status of the system currently in use. This method of research focuses on process, analysis, and interpretation of data being collected. It involves the interpretation of the change and supplementary training is conducted, as needed. Changes are recommended via the Change Control Authority. Evaluate/assess program performance

Once the new system is up and running for a while, it should be exhaustively evaluated. Maintenance must be kept up rigorously at all times. Users of the system should be kept up-to-date concerning the latest modifications and procedures.

Data Gathering Tools
These are set of activities that focus in the production of data for the system to be developed. The following instruments were used for data gathering as a technique in acquiring as much as possible reliable information needed to more scientific investigation of the application to be analyzed: QUESTIONAIRE

These are written and/or printed form comprising a series of question presented to a number of persons to obtain data for survey purpose. The researchers created survey questions to determine the point of view of the respondents regarding the problems that made the researchers come up with the proposed study. INTERVIEW

In this part of techniques in gathering data or information. It is defined as a purposeful face-to-face relationship between two persons one of whom called interviewer who ask question to gather information and the other interviewee or respondents who supplies the information asked for. The researchers gathered data from person who are related to the subject of the study to determine the problems and able to define the ways on how to solve them.

Software Evaluation
This method of data gathering involves evaluation of the study and the system to the respondents. The researchers implied this tool to make it easier to gather information and feedback on the proposed study. Software evaluation is based on ISO 9126 Observation

This method is used to identify and analyze the problem and the needs of the respondents. Observation is considered as the most direct means of studying people as far as behavior is concerned. The researchers used their senses in order to investigate the constraints that will affect the planning and implementation of the proposed system. The sense of sight is the most important and the most used among all the 5 senses. During observation, the researcher discovers certain that let them come up with the proposed study.

Statistical Tools
The statistical treatment is used in determining the measures of reliability and compared data between sampling and/or measures points. Statistical treatment of data is essential in order to make use of the data in the right form. Raw data collection in only aspect of any experiment; the organization of data is equally important so that appropriate conclusion can be drawn. Weighted Mean

Also known as the Average, it is defined as the sum of all scores of data divided by the numbers of scores in the data.
The mean denoted by X of the scores X1, X2, X3… is given by the formula: X= ∑fx/N
X = MeanN = Total number of scores
f = frequencyx = Score in the distribution
∑ = Sum of all scores

Likert’s Scale
The researchers use a numerical scale, the Likert’s scale method to interpret the events of the evaluation to be made. A scale which respondents indicate their level of conformity with declaration that express favorable attitude towards a concept being deliberated. Rating

Analytical Tools
Interviews: with this tool we find that the company needs our proposal study. Observation: we observed that the company lost their transaction report sometimes and forgot to list the material that they used to create a finish product. Questionnaire: we find out that the company wants to use our proposal study.


System General Features and System Function

Figure 4-1: System Security
User’s is to choose one of the Log-in forms, if they choose the admin log-in form they will be log in as admin but if they choose the employee log-in they will be log-in as employee.

Figure 4-2: Admin Log-in Form
User allows inputting a valid username and password of admin account to access the system.

Figure 4-3: Employee Log-in Form
User allows inputting a valid username and password of employee account to
access the system.

Figure 4-4: Splash Screen
System is loading after logging in the admin/employee log-in form. It takes a few seconds before go to the main form.

Figure 4-5: Main Form
Main form: allow user to select inventory, sales and reports and transaction. The manage account is only for the admin, if you log-in as admin, you can manage the existing account can also create a new account. If you log-in as admin, you can add a new item, add a stock of items, view all current stocks, and print all records of inventory, daily or between dates and by category. But if you log-in as employee you cannot add the number of stocks. In sales and report, admin and employee allow printing transaction (daily, between dates, all) and installment transaction (by amount, have no balance, all). In transaction users allows creating transaction, canceling transaction and viewing the entire installment transaction.

Figure 4-6: Inventory
Allows admin to add a new item, add a stock of items, view all current stocks, and print all records of inventory, daily or between dates. But if you log-in as employee you cannot add the number of stocks.

Figure 4-7: Current Stock Form
Both admin and employee can view this form but only the admin can add the number of the stock of items.

Figure 4-8: Add new Item Form
The users allow adding new item. First click the “ADDNEW” button to enable the objects, second, user allows to input item type if the item category is not exist but if the item category is exist users allow to select from the combo box, input a unique item name, quantity of stocks, price per item and select the size.

Figure 4-9: Updating Current Stock Form
Simply select item name or type in the textbox and click the search button to view the number of stock of the item you select, after searching/selecting item name you can add the number of the item you selected.

Figure 4-10: Printing Inventory Reports Form
Simply select date to print all records in between dates, also in category select a category of item to print and click the preview button of all record to print all recorded item in the system.

Figure 4-11: Sales and Report Form
In Sales and Report Form, user allows printing transaction, simply choosing category to be print (all, daily, between dates) and printing of transaction of installment, the same in the transaction, users allows to choose either all, amount or 0 balance. Click the generate button after selecting from the category.

Figure 4-12: Transaction
In transaction both admin and employee allow to create transaction, cancel transaction, adding of payment for the installment transaction. Simply clicking the text and it goes to the different form of transaction.

Figure 4-13: Creating Transaction Form
In creating transaction user will input the customer name, address and contact number, then select the item to be sold and the payment, if the payment is installment it allow user to input the 50% of the total price.

Figure 4-14: Cancelling Transaction Form
In cancelling transaction form, the user must be select first the record to be cancel after clicking the record the form inform the user to input the admin code to cancel the transaction.

Figure 4-15: Installment Transaction Form
In installment transaction form, user will allow to select the record of
customer who has a balance, after selecting user must be input the balance if the customers pay for it. Click save button to update the record and print receipt.

Figure 4-18: Managing Accounts Form
In managing accounts form, user allow to select in any control button, if they select the log-in other admin account the system goes to the log-in form of the admin, if the create new account selected, it goes to the creating new account form, in changing admin code, it goes to the changing account form.

Figure 4-17: Managing Accounts Form
In creating new account, user must be select if admin or employee the account to be creates then enter a unique username and password. After creating an account you can now use the account to be created.

Figure 4-18: Changing Admin Code Form
Changing Admin Code form is to change the security code that used in many process of this system. Simply input the old admin code and the new admin code and click the save button to update the new admin code.

Table 5.6 Software Evaluation for all Criterion
The table 5.6 shows the overall rating of all system software criteria. The system software scored 4.72 which equivalent to excellent rating. The system software performance met what is aligned with software evaluation and exhibits excellent in all criteria.

The developer of Sales and Inventory Management system would like to recommend the following improvement of the system, and also would like to recommend some ideas on innovation regarding the use of Sales and Inventory Management System. 1. The researchers would like to propose and additional enhancement on Sales and Inventory Management System, additional improvement like sounds alert, but the first intention of the researchers is to develop a system that will easily to use. 2. Enhance the GUI or Graphical User Interface of the system. This will give more interactivity and nice looking for the company users.

3. The researcher would like also to propose for future developers and/or researchers to develop a Sale and Inventory Management System that can be used via internet. 4. A Sales and Inventory Management System created for keeping reason is also recommend by the researchers. Company management can use this system online if the recommendation number 3 will done.

After gathering information on Sales and Inventory Management System (SIMS) and conducted a software evaluation, we are come up with the conclusion that this study will be very helpful to many company as well as the business industry to minimize error on recording inventories and every day transaction.


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