Invent School Program Essay

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Invent School Program

I. Introduction Some students from Bansud National Highschool – Regional Science Highschool for Region IV-B MIMAROPA with other school’s representative from different towns in Mindoro joined a seminar held on 16-17th day of April 2013 at Filipiniana Hotel Convention Hall Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro. The seminar is about on how to make a Science Investigatory Project and some topics regarding in research fields. The representative of Department of Science and Technology – Technology Application and Promotion Institute (DOST – TAPI) organized a seminar for us. The speakers for the seminar are Dr. George M. Colorado, Ms. Teresita O. De Vera, and others. In our two-day seminar the topics they discussed is about “Creativity”, ”Creative, Perceptive, and Inventive Thinking”, “Ideation tools and Techniques”, “Creative Problem Solving Process”, “Invention Development”, “Prior Art Search”, and “Intelectual Property Rights.”

II. Knowledge / Learning Acquired

I have knowledge on making a Science Investigatory Project because when I was on 5th grade level I joined a contest regarding on it. I also have knowledge in research fields because we have a subject about in our class about it. Based on what I learned from the seminar It is important to always ask yourself, train to think always so that your mind can easily perceive the things around our surroundings to come up a novel invention. I also learned from the speakers the difference of an invention and not. The most emphasized thing in the seminar is how to think and invent a creative Science Investigatory Project.

III. Observation

During our seminar I observed that our speakers have enough knowledge about the topic they are discussing. I also observed that they have freebies for us to participate in their discussion and question and answer portion. I observed that all students are interested to the topic they discussed and participated with the speakers attentively and most of all listened enough to learn.

IV. Recommendations/ Suggestions

I suggest that they provide a hand outs for all the participants of the seminar so that the participants or all students have notes to be compile and use it while the seminar is going on so that they don’t need to copy instead they will focused on listening to the speaker.

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