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Invasion of the Drones Essay

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The constitutional issues that the people have raised on drones are the right to privacy, which is guaranteed in the fourth amendment. The Fourth Amendment protects against “unreasonable searches and seizures. ” It guarantees Americans’ right to privacy and requires police to obtain warrants or have “probable cause” to search someone’s property. This could violate the constitution because should police be require to obtain warrants to take photos and collect other information with the Drones?

Then in the Fifth Amendment it guarantees Americans accused of crimes the right to “due process” under the law.

The accused are entitled to a legal representation and to see the evidence that’s being used against them. This could violate the Constitution because drone strikes aimed at killing American terrorist suspects in foreign countries could violate the Amendment.

I share the concern for the violation of the Fourth Amendment, because I would feel that I’m under watch all the time, and that at any time the Police could be collecting information or taking pictures of me because they have the equipment to do so.

Then what if they used these pictures and information to give them a probable cause to search my house, but they didn’t find what they were looking for. The technically violated my privacy for no reason. When most people hear the word drone, they probably this of how the drones have been used in the last decades.

Which were the drones were used to kill suspected terrorist in hot spots like Pakistan and Yemen. Or one particular incident that attracted a lot of attention was in September 2011, the C. I. A. drone strike in Yemen killed an American citizen, a radical cleric who preached holy war, which violated his Fifth Amendment rights. This might affect the public’s receptiveness to the domestic use of drones because a new federal law paved the way for drones to be used commercially in the U. S. nd made it easier for government agencies to obtain them.

The Department of Homeland Security even offered grants to help local authorities buy drones. Various sensors, included cameras can even be attached to the drone. Senator Patrick Leahy said that this fast-emerging technology is cheap and could pose a significant threat to the privacy and civil liberties of millions of Americans. It is another example of a fast-changing policy which we need to focus to make sure it is used correctly.

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