Invading Privacy of Celebrities Essay

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Invading Privacy of Celebrities

Most actors/actresses feels that press are invading their private lives and their not happy about it. . Perhaps, the main reason is because celebrities are considered as public figure. Being seen in the television and newspapers frequently they should set as good example to other people. The press should have limitations on what they’re showing to the people. If they discover that one actress is pregnant its the right of the person whether to deny or tell the truth. Then, you respect the actress and they will not be offended. Following that, reporters job is to reveal an expose pertaining to a famous personality.

When they discover a scoop regarding a certain celebrity they should clarify it to the person involve instead of making up stories to make it more interesting for public to hear. In that way they’re being fair enough to the celebrity and at the same way to the people who will watch or read their stories. . In addition, almost all known person in the industry they don’t want their families to be involved in their issues.

Press and media should tackle only on the artist not on their families. Because they are hurt with the fact that they are the celebrity and yet even their loved ones will be affected and suffers when critics eyes are on them. In that way they will not feel that their lives are intruded by press people. . To sum up, there are range of options available so that celebrities will not say that media are not respecting their privacy. It’s just a matter of understanding one another to achieve what they want.

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