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Introduction When designing a space there are many things to


When designing a space there are many things to be considered. One thing that get overlooked again and again is lighting in interior designing. Lighting is tremendously imperative when it comes to interior design. Light can make and break a space. Suppose if we have a modern kitchen we don’t want to have a dim lighting concept but when we talk about a bedroom we never want too much lighting.

People may not realize that lighting directly affects the way a color looks.

Lighting can affect the way the space appears. Light has two purposes: To irradiate or expose the entire space or to make certain parts of the space more noticeable or prominent. Proper lighting makes all work easier and changes the mood of a living space. Without proper lighting not only environment but also the designs of interior look dull and unattractive. Lack of lighting also affects the size of the room.

For centuries water fountain has been using as the decisive decoration for the interior of huge places as well as the exterior foe large lawns and lavish gardens.

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There are numerous splendid fountains everywhere in the world that have gained reputation and recognition due to their implausible beauty, design and artistic quality. Another reason for getting water fountains in homes because they are the kind of embellishment that immediately draws the attention of the people. People want their room look elegance and beautiful and to be appreciated by everyone who enters in that space.

Indoor fountains are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials, textures, colors and styles.

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They can be small or large, with or without lighting and may be shiny or dull. Indoor fountains can be categorized into three type’s tabletop fountain, floor fountains and wall mounted fountains. Each category have several shapes and styles to select. Tabletop fountains are quiet reasonable than others. Wall mounted fountains and floor fountains are expensive and large but they can be used as the focal point of the space.

Water feature such as water fountains, water walls, fish tanks and fish ponds are being used commonly in interior spaces, but limited research on how these affects individuals. Water feature has been used in variety of indoor and outdoor places and the most important the sound of softly trickling water have replaced background music in some facilities to provide a healthy atmosphere.


Darkness was not always a natural environment of a human race. Later we understood that, we were trying to adjust it so we can live in it without too much anxiety. Lamps helped, from the supreme primitive beginnings to the most sophisticated technology, they provided us sun where there was no sun.

The word lamp is derived from the Greek word lampas, which means torch. The first lamp was invented around 70,000 BC. A hollow rock, shell or other objects which were filled with moss or related constituents that were soaked by animal’s fat and ignited. In the Mediterranean area and the Middle East, the earliest lamp had a shell like shape. In the beginning, the shells were used with sections cut out to offer space for the illuminating area later these were swapped by pottery, alabaster, or metallic lamps designed to be like their ordinary prototypes. Another types of primitive lamps, which were found in ancient Egypt and China, were the saucer lamps. Prepared with pottery or bronze, it was sometimes provided through a spike in the middle of the lamp to support the wick, which was used to control the level of burning.

Water body which is inside the house works as enhancer in the interior design and support in bringing optimistic energy. A water body in the interior design appearances attractive and elegant in the home decoration and personalize the home interiors and makes it looks stylish and lavish.

Water gardens, also known as aquatic or marine garden, is a kind of man-made water feature which fascinate the individual and also increase the house interior decor. They can be well-defined as any interior or exterior landscape or architectural part whose most important purpose is to house, display and propagate a specific specie or variety of marine plant. Water, in whichever form it might feature, not ever fails to calm the senses. The picture and sound of water both are refreshing and revitalizing. The designs of the water bodies are dependent on the available space for making the water feature, for small apartments or home which use of small water fountain or aquarium to make the space calming.

Rain chains are typically either a series of metal cups, chained together with a hole in the bottom of each, or chain links that span vertically. Rain water run-off gets distributed from a rooftop gutter downward through the rain chain help to integrate the water garden with the local landscape and environment. A harmonious fountain, also known as dancing fountain, it is a type of animated and animated fountain which can be used for amusing purposes that builds an aesthetic design (including three-D images). This can be attained by retaining the special effects of timed sound waves and timed light (including laser) in contrast to water drops. The water deflects and reflects the light, and in doing so, three-dimensional images can be produced.

Water bodies and fountains which are main attraction of the garden or an outdoor lawn. A lot of people invest a great deal in beautifying their gardens with water fountains and water bodies. This addition to their gardens is quite a common feature in landscaping of a house. As much as water fountains have made a great impact in outdoors, they lack the same sort of popularity inside the house. Indoor water fountains and water bodies are not very commonly used and are in fact very rare. People avoid using water fountains or water bodies indoors because it is not widely used in many cultures and maybe considered difficult to maintain or maybe to avoid any and all kinds of water related problems in the house. But due to modern day construction techniques and expertise it is now safe to say that these problems can be catered with. Indoor water fountains or water bodies can not only enhance ambiance or the decor of the house but is also helps in enhancing the health of a person.

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