Introduction to software engineering

You are required to develop a software that will allow administrator to manage (add/update/delete) courses, students, and instructors. Instructors could also run the software to manage student grades, while students could use the software to register/drop courses.

Which model fits well with the approach used for this case? Give a brief justification.


According to my opinion, using Scrum model would be a better approach and a right option to choose. Scrum Models work in the form of sprints and that would be helpful for us as we can divide these tasks into sprints.

Sprints will be created like Sprint 1 is for the courses and then it is locked, sprint 2 for Students and Sprint 3 for Instructor. Moreover, Scrum saves time and money and it provides the opportunity to get feedbacks. By scrum meetings with admin and by taking feedback from the user(student,instructor) we will be able to enhance the quality of the system that can make the system more satisfying and helpful for the user and admin.

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Which testing strategy would you suggest in this case and why?


It will be better to use V&V(Validation and Verification) testing strategy that either we are making the system that is satisfying for our users (Students, instructors).That either it is beneficial for them. Either we are making it right to use for this kind of an educational system.First we will verify the code and design and then we validate it that whether it is the actual product that the client wants.

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Briefly describe three important attributes of software quality you will consider.


For this system, I would most likely consider the Relaibility,Portability ad maintainability.


According to me I think that the most important and considerable quality should be reliability. If the system is reliable so that users can use it and trust and they will be no longer interested in keeping the manual record for their use as it can be trusted and donot get shuted when overloaded or else. System should be reliable first.


If the system is not portable, how is different users would be able to use it. System should be easily portable and available so that everyone can use them on the place where they are.


I think that system should be more maintainable so that we can better utilize the feedbacks and can improve the quality of the system and can make it adaptable to all kind of enviroments.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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