Introduction to Quality Systems Essay

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Introduction to Quality Systems

Question 1: Texas Nameplate Comapny, highlighted in the Performance Excellence Profile, is a small company with fewer than 50 employees and a high level of ethnic diversity. What challenges would such a firm face in implementing process design and control tools?

A challenge that a smaller business might face in implementing process desing and control tools would be if managers devoted too much attention to control and too little to planning and imporving which may be the most imortant activity for metting and exceeding customer expectations and gaining competitive andantages.

Question 2: What is process management? What are the three types of activities that it comprises?

Process management involves design, control, and improvement. The key activities necessary to achieve a high level of performance in key value creation and support process, identifying oportunities for improving quality and operational performance, and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. Good process management helps to prevent defects and errors and eliminate waste and redundancy and therby leads to better quality and imporoved company performance through shorter cycle times, imroved flexibility, and faster customer responce. Three types of activities it comprises are design, control, and improvement.

Question 13: How does the design of a service process differ from designing a manufactured good? Explain the factors that one must consider for a good service design.

Design for manufacturability is the process of designing a product for efficient production at the highest level of quality. DFM is typically integrated into standard design process, but because of the need for highly-creative solutions, it might be addressed in specialized “think-tank” departments in a comapny. Services are different from manufactured goods. The outpts of service process are not as well defined. Services are intangible and represent an interaction between the consumer and service provider. They cannot be inventoried, moved, or inspected like a manufactired good can. Most service processes involve a greater interaction with the customer, making it more difficult to idnetify needs and expectations. Service processes often involve both internal and external activities.

The factors that one must consider for a good service design are: (1) Concept Development- product functionality is determined based upon customer requirements, technological capabilities, and economic realities. (2) Design Development- focuses on product and process performance issues necessary to fulfill the product and service requireents in manufacturing or delivery. (3) Design Optimization-seeks to minimize the impact of variation in production and use, creating a “robust” design. (4) Design Verifications- which ensures that the capability of the production system meets the appropriate level or performance.

Question 15: What is mass customization? Why does mass customization present process design challenges?

Mass customization is providing personalized, custom-designed products to meet individual customer prefrences at prices comparable to mass produced items. Mass customization presents proccess design challenges because customization takes a lot longer than mass producing the same item. When you customize something, the customer wants it to be exaclty how they want it and that would take longer to make than making all the same product.

Question 16: Why is agility important in process design?

Agility is an important factor in being competative. Agility is a term that is commonly used to characterize flexability and short cycle times. Flexability refers to the ability to adapt quickely and effictively to changing requirements. Agility is important in process design because you need to be able to be flexible and able to adapt quickely to whatever kind of situation you may encounter. An example of an enabler of agility would be having a close relationship with customers to understnad their needs and requirements.

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