Introduction to Music Synthesis Essay

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I enrolled in the Introduction to Music class to get a full understanding of the different patterns of music. I also wanted to how each composer made their unique music on different styles from their rivalry competitors. During the semester I got familiar with musical works from various periods that I never took the time to actually listen to these particular styles. However, the information about musical works that I learned in this class has allowed me to focus my attention on the primary music concepts related to each selection of a musical piece.

I also learned that the concept of listening to music is basically the chronological arrangement of the sounds that I hear when listening to a piece. I achieved this by critically listening to the whole musical piece including vocal and instruments to make sense of the rhythm, harmony, and melody. However, the reflection of what I have learned in this musical course has help me to fully understand and appreciate the basic concepts of the sound of music from many different eras.

Essentially, the Introduction to music class assisted me to know how music can bring the correlation between silence and sound. During the Nineteenth Century-Romantic era, I learn that the use of melodic rhythm, melody, silence, and chords brings about numerous musical patterns. I also perceived that the simplest and elementary form of it is pure rhythm. While listening to several composer’s works of 19th Century eras, helped me understand that rhythm is a pulse and recurrence of sounds in a model.

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During the lesson, I discovered how pitch in music predominantly describes how low or high a sound note is or will become. Therefore, I got to know that all sounds would be the same without this method being in place.

Other musical concepts that I studied in class includes musical dynamics, structure, and texture. I learned music dynamics is a wider category which falls under expressive techniques. I obtain information about the types of instruments that earlier composers used to make their musical works sound soft, loud, detached, or even smoothly. These particular musical structures can be considered another form defined by scales, rhythm, and melodic patterns. However, during the Baroque era, performers and composers created what is called tonality. These musical pieces intensified the range, complexity of instrumental enactment, size, and establishment of genres. During the 20th century musical assignments, I learned that music had changed dramatically, due to signs of progress in modern technology, as well as styles. This change led to the composing of new music like Jazz. Therefore, the next generation composed music that had a broader palette of melodic colors with the influence of other popular tunes, trials of modernism, cultures, and ancient composition.

In conclusion, this particular music class personally helped me to improve my listening ability. I now have a different outlook on how I view musical works from the earlier eras. In addition, to getting to know about music from the Baroque and classical era, I had the opportunity to have an Instructor who provided constructive feedback and explained assignment materials in a clear concise manner that was easy for me to understand.

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