Introduction to Computer Application and Systems Essay

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Introduction to Computer Application and Systems

The first week required us to assemble a team and establish the team charter; we also discussed the benefits of information systems in the work environment, such as the computers and Internet access. Almost every major company has computers and Internet access now, the company cannot run smoothly without these basic information technology systems, if the company wants to be successful, it has to connect to the rest of the world and Internet is the best way for the company to do so.

But there are also some bad sides about the advanced information technology systems, websites like “Facebook, Twitter, MySpace” require people put their personal information on the website, even some people are smart enough not putting their real name or address on the website, but majority of the computer users just do not have the awareness, they put their real personal information on those websites and once the information is there, it can never be erased.

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We also talked about the history of the information systems in week one, such like “Roads” are the first information flow of the ancient world and other things like “Birds, Stone, Paper” all indicated the beginning of the information systems.

Microsoft Office Word is one of the most useful tools designed by Microsoft, the impact it has had on writing is phenomenal, the Microsoft Office Word program is used by perhaps 95 percent of all writers currently extant, and it also changed the way people write, people do not have to worry about a misspelling or lost on word counts, because the Word tools can help them with all these problems. It is rare to see people still writing an essay or a business report on a piece of paper now; this just shows the information technology systems made people’s life so much easier and how important they relate to the society.

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