Introduction to Communication in Health Essay

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Introduction to Communication in Health

Outcome 1: Understand why communication is important in the work setting?

• People communicate to give and receive information i.e. Child A has eaten a piece of toast during snack time, as child A doesn’t usually do this we informed the parents of the child’s progress at the end of our preschool session.

• People also communicate to give and receive instructions e.g. Child A has a lactose intolerance and therefore can only have Soya milk at snack times ,It is therefore vital that all staff follow these instructions.

• People also communicate to express any needs that they have in our preschool setting we have all weather outdoor play time so it is essential that all children have a suitable outdoor coat hat, gloves and Wellington boots.

2. Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of own work?

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• Being able to communicate with all individuals within our preschool setting helps to build a good foundation and understanding between us. Giving information in a clear manner that is understood by the recipient to ensure that the information is received in the right way, also taking the time to listen to other peoples points of view and concerns, And ensuring that we meet any needs or concerns that these party’s may have.

• For children this means always talking to them at there level giving good eye contact and re-assuring facial expressions and body language. Giving them enough time to listen and process things that you say or ask of them and giving adequate time for a response, whenever appropriate using positive tones to your voice.

• For parents using all available communication methods, from face to face communication, to telephone conversations or writing in the child’s home school book. Using first names where ever possible and listening to and respecting the views of the parent/carer. Always re-assuring a parent that our first priority will always be there child.

• For our colleagues always have conversations in appropriate places, Give eye contact and correct body language also listen and be respectful of other people’s point of views and opinions. • In our preschool setting we have many bilingual children and as English isn’t there first language we use many different techniques to ensure they can understand what we are saying or asking them to do. During our snack time we count in all the children’s first languages, Chinese and Malayalam and use both picture’s and hand signs to help the Children understand.

Child A was doing an animal puzzle and showed me a pig piece I said “That’s a pig” and made the noise ‘oink, oink’ whilst making a snout with My hand at my nose.

3. Explain why it is important to observe an individuals reaction When communicating with them?

• It is important to watch how people react to see how they are feeling and whether they understand the conversation or instructions you are giving to them. You can see if a person is comfortable by there body language, facial, Expressions and tone of there voice. We must use these skills to ‘read’ both adults and children alike. Also taking in to account that different expressions can have different meanings in other cultures.

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