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introduction the cinema company that we choose to interview is a mbo

introduction the cinema company that we choose to interview is a mbo company named mcat box office sdn bhd doing business as mbo cinemas mcat box office sdn bhd doing business as mbo cinemas is a chain of cinemas in malaysia. mbo cinemas is the third largest cinema chain in the country after golden screen cinemas and tgv cinemas. there are a total of 27 mbo cinema outlets in malaysia. on 9 of may 2019 we went to the one of the outlet at kluang mall for interview.

mbo cinema located at 2 2 10 jalan rambutan taman suria 86000 kluang johor. we make interview with supervisor is azirah. during that visit we knew about how the organization operate and online cinema ticketing system. besides that mbo atria features the first samsung onyx led hall and coca cola freestyle along with big screen and kecil halls. the big screen provide for adult and 18+ above. the small screen that built for children and family the hall features beanie seats and sofa seats.

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mbo cinemas also offers 2d film in all of their outlets whereas 3d are available at someplace such as ksl city mall square one kluang mall and so on. therefore all mbo cinema have concessions that sell popcorn soft drinks twisties and other snacks. currently the mbo cinema manage by ceo coo which is mr cheah general manager is ms soo senior area manager is mr davendrain area manager is ms wan najihah. the kluang branch mbo cinema manager is mr rashid asst cinema manager is ms muthamilan and mr devarai supervisor is ms azirah and ms pitrah and 5 person is part time worker in this company.

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key information regarding their business operation. [image: cinema online ticketing system is a total ticketing solution developed by bluevy web solution. the function of this system is users can process online payments manage reservations and customize events. this powerful cinema ticket booking system can be deployed on any website offering tickets for movies theater and other scheduled performances. this system also can stuck when many people using. this system also will be decline when many people online. this system will assist customer purchase movie tickets [image: image result for online movie ticket booking system mbo] [image: related image] online ticketing system [image: online ticketing system firstly customer have to register as mbo member first. then fill in necessary information. next registration is successful customer will receive an email confirmation instruction to click on to verify their membership account. second log-in to your email then click on the link to confirm your registration. third can start to purchase tickets by clicking on login button with username and password. next selection the movie you want to watch and selection the time. after that pick the preferred seats from the screen. next select the ticket type and number of ticket required. after login go to ticketing showing and click on e-payment. next customer can make a payment through credit card/ debit card and online banking. lastly customer can make a payment. the process will be done. for the customer this system can cut the queue easily and save our time during peak hour. thus customer can just scan qr code or print ticker to enter the cinema. customer can through mobile app to get the qr code. how the online ticket system implemented first step is preparation. this phase comprises several workshops including business processes and data analysis interfaces and hardware/network audit and evaluation of online sales aspects integration with your corporate web site e-ticket personalization branding and many more second step is deployment. this phase focuses on system configuration implementation of interfaces and user training sales marketing and access control sales channels are activated and contact data imported following the predefined calendar. last step is launch. this final phase focuses on validation sales launch online and box office and access control activation. typically it coincides with a major event or the beginning of a new season with our consultants providing onsite assistance. besides that mbo buy the vista post system for implementation the online ticketing system. so what is vista post system vista cinema is the nerve center for your cinema managing cinema operations ticket sales and concessions. mbo cinema is one of cinema who running vista. next this system at a glance it is multi-tasks. vista cinema can simultaneously handle ticket and concession sales so that interaction with the customer is seamless. besides that vista cinema it is upsells. sell box office tickets and then drive up your revenue offering food and drink combos deals and merchandise. it provides pricing and payment options. for example mbo make a payment use by credit card/ debit card. it can create a pricing hierarchy manage all payment types and handle processing. furthermore this system graphical and easy to use. staff can more convenient compare with using the basic computer. its configurable. can set up as you wish. show sessions based on screen time or by film. add promotions film information trailers and more. seating payment options and theatres are all configurable too. for example mbo cinema can add their information through this system. vista cinema is at the heart of every aspect of cinema operations ensuring that your theater runs like a clock with each screen running as a business unit. the complete system vista cinema offers a variety of ticketing services including paid and unpaid reservations reservations for seats packages and group tickets season tickets and movie marathons. for instance customer have more choice for variety of ticketing services. it accepts voucher payments loyalty redemptions supplementary tickets and third party coupons. next pricing theater configuration promotions and discounts it handles all. customer can define pricing and ticket availability group them together to create a hierarchy and apply it manually or automatically. lastly the most profitable offers and promotions can be developed through real-time insight into the value of discounts transactions and margins. integration with vista loyalty also allows member benefits and rewards. on the other hand the issues and challenges in implementing the system is system will error during peak hour. for example last week was avenger 4 will release date most of avenger fans rush to purchase through online ticketing system. so in this case the system will be occur error such as peak hour. in order to resolve this problem it department staff need to improve the server capacity to increase the server efficiency. besides that this system not provide the multi-language support. for example some customer cant understand the english so they cant use this system. the effect of towards the cinema operation after the system implementing is payment are easier and faster. customer not need to bring cash for buy ticket. besides that customer dont have to worry about carrying enough cash in their wallet to pay for the tickets. thus customer can just scan or print ticker to enter the cinema. its easily set-up and run the system through using cinema online ticketing. besides that this system also helping customer to save their time because they do not need to go the cinema counter to queue up and find a parking place to buy a ticket. thus it is very convenient for the customer as they can purchase ticket from everywhere. next this system can help save and secure. mbo website enables consumers to sign up as a member of mbo. furthermore it enables users to make the ticket reservation which only permitted for mbo members. for instance mbo members can also make e-payment through mbo website by using credit card or debit card. lastly system can minimum the number of staff at the ticket counter. most of the jobs are done by the system automatically. they only need it specialist to edit update and accumulate the home page and the database information as a result the cost will decrease and process will be more systematic. discussion customer support technical support customer support is a list of customer services that company provide in order to assist customers to realize correct way of use of a product. assistance in planning process of installation training problem troubleshooting service maintenance version upgrading and disposal of a product consider major categories of customer support. technical support defined as a service provided by a hardware or software that company own to assist customers by provide help and advice about their products or services current age is information age everything goes online same happen to customer support. every company aim to improve their customer support become customer support automation. customer support automation involves the building of a knowledge base of known issues and their solution to solve known issues that calculate by expert systems. a customer service automation platform includes a suite of support solution including proactive support assisted support and self-support. by using customer support automation company can make their customer support available to their customers 24/7. customer can solve their own problem by searching online and get solution that calculate by expert system. customer support automation can be integrated with customer relationship management crm systems and network management system nms to provide full detailed of customer reports to company management to identify problems and issues to ensure company will provide correct solution for known problems and issues. there is some common customer support automation in company around the world. first is proactive support automation. proactive support automation refers to support automation solution that available 24/7 and minimize downtime. example constant health check tracking with complete diagnostic procedures to enable problem monitoring and solution. second is preemptive support automation. preemptive support automation refers to a support solution that utilizes information that is either generated or culled from an application or service such as log files database queries configuration changes and others. the information that collected will be exploited to predict service degradation or interruptions and make some correct solution to prevent from happen again. third is assisted support automation. assisted support automation is the software that enables customer support stuff can remotely access their customers device or server for diagnostics and trouble ticket solution. example when the customer cannot access his acer laptop he will make a call then the customer support stuff will request the customer download a software that allow the customer support stuff remotely controls the customers laptop and solve the issues without physically meet each other. last is self-support automation. self-support automation is the guide that company provide online for customer such as on-line libraries and tools. users can self-troubleshooting solutions to diagnostic and solve the problems. example every phone installs the apps that call phone manager. phone owner can simple diagnostic the phone and clear the bug or virus that the apps found. phone owner can start the diagnostic by one simple click. why every business put many resources on customer support according to one research company believe good customer support is one of the key factors to march company forward. they believe a good customer support is a good way start of a successful company. there is some evidence to support this research. first is customer support represented your brand image mission and values. the company employee may understand clearly the company brand represents but the customers and potential customers only can make assumptions based on the companys official website advertisement or other marketing tools. example nike company represent the leader in athletic performance apparel and shoes but maybe the customers did not clear about that. the customer support team not only is problem solver to customer but also is the bridge connect customers and company. without customer support team the company have no direct communication way to customer. due to this the customer support team has responsibilities to represent the company brand image and influence customers and convince them companys strength over other competitors. besides that customer support team can increase company sales. normally the customer support team will maintenance relationship with customers and attract customer make purchase again and increase company sales. lets illustrate that assume it is a chain reaction it the company have a happier customer support team then they will be working harder to satisfy and exceed the expectations of the customer. when the existed customer happy then they will refer the company to his family friends coworker and others. this condition will cause more person to recognize the company and make purchase. in addition customer support can reduce customer churn. customer churn refers to the customer no longer choose the certain product or service but choose another product which provide similarity function. according to some research customer churn can cause by many reasons but one of the main reasons is poor customer support. poor customer support make customer feel like disrespectful and cause them change to another company. so that a good customer support can maintain customer loyalty and lessen the customer churn rate. lastly a good customer support can reduce companys expense. usually the company will make some expenses to attract potential customers. example advertisement expenses. but the fact is its less expensive to retain existing customers than get new ones. [image: mbo cinema as one of malaysia top company its customers reach 3000 customer per month or 1000 per day. in order to satisfies many customer mbo cinema put many efforts in customer support team. mbo cinema also prepare many ways of customer support. there are include face to face customer support customer care hotline mbo website pages feedback in apps store faq prepared in mbo website and other social media. customer can solve their problem and enquire any information through these. example forget users password or error in purchasing ticket online. first is face to face customer support. in every mbo branch mbo will set up some counter for customer purchase ticket on the spot and redeem ticket or gift. besides that customer also can go counter physically to solve their problem. example the customer cannot purchase ticket online. customer support stuff will run a check for him and figure out he was using a bank account that did not allow online banking. second is customer care hotline. customer care hotline is a hotline that prepared by company in order to assist customer make a call to companys customer support. mbo company prepare one customer care hotline and that hotline only available from monday to friday 9.00am 6.00pm when customer make that call in the other head will be mbo customer support stuff. besides that they will suit the customer support stuff for any customer subject to the language that customer speaking. [image: third one is mbo official website pages. mbo cinema provide many information inside their official website pages include about us current showing movie movies showtimes latest news&promo and other information. the most important part is mbo prepare a form for any customer. mbo cinema prepare this form in english but customer can reply with multi-language. customers can write down their problem or any information that they cannot found in official website but they feel need to know. [image: fourth one is feedback in mbo apps. mbo apps is the apps that prepare by mbo cinema to allow user check movie showtimes and purchase ticket online. besides that there are comment section under the mbo apps. customers can leave their comment and mbos customer support stuff will reply as soon as possible. [image: fifth one is faq frequently asked question in mbo website. mbo cinema prepare some categories of faq such as general faqs faqs for allstar and privacy policy. mbo cinema prepared faq based to a collection of question that asked by customers. so that they prepare faq in order to solve problem more efficiency and also improve customer satisfaction. data security what is the data security data security refers to the process of protecting data from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout its lifecycle. there are data security such as mobile app security web browser security e-mail security and so on that can protect the customers data and information across all applications and platforms like this online ticketing system. this is very important for customer because it can protect the customers privacy and this is a kind of respect to customer. many organizations are attached with great importance to the issue of data security because data is an important asset to any organization and this issue may bring negative impact that will affect their image. the reason of organizational needs data security because data is an asset and essential to safeguard and protect from online criminals. for example marketing and financial plans of the company cannot be shared with other companies because their competitors may use it and this will affect a company and causes a business facing loss. client information is quite sensitive and privacy they should make sure that the data is kept in safety place. in addition data security can maintain business reputation. this is because business can provide all the customer information provide the product and services satisfy. if customers had their high level of trust to the company they are willing to provide their privacy information to the company. company also responsible for teaching their employees that they should not share and leak any customers personal information to others because it may destroy the companys reputation. besides that organization should always backup their data because this can avoid data loss if any unwanted incident happens. organization needs to store their data in a physical storage device or a high confidential server. with data security we can do data recovery if company facing any data lost or damaged. when you want to reclaim your data due to the damaged storage you will need to using data security to recovery your data. organization should ensure the data backups be doing regularly because it can help in the process of data recovery. data recovery is a must to part of your business because it has a data security strategy. firewalls can help you to monitor and control the network traffic and avoid others to hack your system. you can limit the access to the data or information to prevent the spread of malware or virus to your systems. moreover organizations are investing heavily in the information technology it to adopt the best of cyber defence capabilities. this is because it can contribute in avoiding the hack

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