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Introduction to Mass Communications

1. Describe how you’ve used media over the last few days in these four areas: cognition, diversion, social utility, and withdrawal. Now describe how the media has helped you during this same period in terms of: surveillance, interpretation, linkage, entertainment, and formulating values. I was married on May 3rd and we left on our honeymoon to Marathon and Key West, Florida on May 4th and will return home on May 14th. During this time, I have used mass media within the four areas in the following ways over the past week or so:

Cognition – I used the internet a few times to look up information regarding the town we stayed in for a few days: Key Colony Beach, Florida.

The town’s website provided information regarding the number of people in town, the town’s annual budget and the elected officials – which are elected in non-partisan elections. Diversion – We used my cell phone to listen to music through Pandora Music to help pass time while relaxing at the pool.

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We also looked through some local magazines to research where we should shop and eat.

We also watch Survivor each week to divert frustration of everyday life. Social Utility – I called my daughter Sunday night to discuss the Survivor finale and who won. We watch the show each week that causes a bond with my son and daughter. Withdrawal – This week I kind of withdrew from reality while on my honeymoon. But in the past, there’s many times when I watch certain shows during the week on TV and if someone calls, my wife will say “He will call you back” since she knows I’d like to watch the show for that one hour (or alf-hour period).

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Or, during football season, a NFL game. 2. Volunteer a personal-experience example of a communication breakdown between you and a significant person in your life. Using the eight elements in the communication process, analyze what went wrong and how you might have been able to fix the problem. One conversation which occurred a few weeks ago was a conversation with my supervisor. She asked me to prepare a chart summarizing information regarding some of the grant programs I oversee.

She always asks for a “ton of information” which often results in my re-doing the work which I have already done. During the encoding process, she was not very clear on what she wanted. During the coding process, I asked for a sample chart, which she said she would not provide. It was up to me to prepare it. The message was not clear since she really did not know what she wanted – and the message was verbal. I then communicated back to her via email, and asked her to provide me in writing what exactly she is looking for.

The email was a little clearer and I prepared the document. As the receiver, I sent the document via email to her. I think from the beginning she could have sent me an email detailing the information she needed and I could have just responded to her email. A lot of time the verbal communication is not clear from her and she drifts off onto other subjects. Email communication is much more succinct and helpful. Sometimes there may not be actual noise during the verbal communication; but there is “noise” in my head since I’m saying to myself this is a waste of time, etc. . How does the critical/cultural perspective on mass communication view the media? How does it view the audience? The critical/cultural perspective would look at the capitalism side of the program; such as fees collected for voting for contestants. It will analyze and examine concepts such as ideology, why contestants would audition for the show, cultural, political and social structures. It views the audience as drawing people together and sharing similar beliefs. Some view audiences as cults since mass communication can create many followers.

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