Introduction in methods Essay

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Introduction in methods

Background of the Study

Living in a postmodern world is dominated by electronic gadgets, cyber technology and scientific and genetic breakthroughs. In spite of the fact that the Philippines are still just in the process of industrializing, it manages to cope with global trend of development and industrialization. Technology today is the biggest part of an individual. Elections have been the usual mechanism by which modern democracy operates since the 17th century. It is where people used a specialized computer to vote their candidate instead of the usual ballot boxes where people cast their votes by way of writing on the ballot. Voting is an election which is formal and critical decision making by which a population chooses an individual.

This process is also used in many other private organizations, corporations and now in universities. Automate voting system is a combination of mechanical, electromechanical, or electronic equipment. It includes the software required to program, control, this is where people used a specialized computer to vote their candidate instead of the usual ballot boxes where people cast their votes by way of writing on the ballot. This process provides much more efficiency and reliability than the conventional way of voting. After the voting process, the system will tally immediately the winners for the particular position. And also this system is faster and can give out result of the election in a matter of days instead of the secret balloting where it will take weeks or even months before a result could be presented to the University.

Every year, there is an election happening in Student of Supreme Council. It is an activity wherein each student is required to choose from a set of candidates who will represent each position in the Student Council. Supreme Student Council in Arellano University is the highest governing body of the student organization. The Arellano University Supreme Council shall be composed of two departments, namely the Executive Department and Legislative. Each college shall have two representatives. The officers of the executive department shall be elected by the ballot of the students and the representatives to the Legislative Department shall be elected by ballot within their respected colleges. The election shall be held not later than the 4th week of the month of the second semester. Wherein the Voting Process is handled by the IT Department. This Voting System enforces rules and regulations to ensure valid voting, and how votes are counted and aggregated to yield a final result.

Statement of the Problem
This study aims to decrease the time and effort of the participants of the specific election which leads to the delayed results.

1. The voting of the supreme
2. Avoid trickery of the votes

3. Second you need to give your id to them in order for them to validate if you are officially enrolled in Arellano University, in case you do not have the your student id card, you can give your registration form

A. General Objectives
The general objective of this study is to provide a system with source code that the Arellano University.

B. Specific Objectives
Specially, it aims to:

1. To design a system that will be user-friendly or easy to use,In order to secure the votes of the students. 2. To create a system that can help the school to reduce the time consume when voting. Enhance the speed and efficiency of voting process. 3. To create a system, to avoid trickery in order to be equal to all candidates. Scope and Limitations of the Study:

The Automated Voting System focuses only on the election of Arellano University Main Campus and will only show the results of election and the percentage of students who vote on each department. It is use annually in Arellano University and it did for the students are able to use it automated rather than manually.

Significance of the Study:
It is intended to conduct this study because it is important to know the use of the Automated Voting System in the modern world today. And to know more what are the advantages and disadvantages of this systematic process of election. This study is deemed beneficial to the following:

This Automated Voting System is for all the students of Arellano University and also to all the students who are willing to become the Student Officer of the University. This System is to establish and maintain controls that can ensure that accidents, inadvertent mistakes, and errors are minimized. And this Systematic process can avoid trickery in voting in order to secure the votes of everyone. .

The students will encourage to vote immediately because of the new system. To make the voting process easier and faster. For students, this study may not only represent the feedback of the electorate to the student council but will also raise awareness on the advantages and disadvantages of the automated election system. It may also encourage active participation by the students and by the Arellano University executives. For the Future Researchers the results of this study can be used as basis for future researchers. The outcome of the study can be used as reference to similar studies especially with regards to the automated election system in the Philippines.

C. Schedule of Activities(Activities and Guidelines)

Planning and Data Gathering

Analyzing and Designing


Testing and Improving Prototype

Implementing the System

Evaluating the System

Documenting the System

D. Resource Requirement

Reading Resources:
The New Constitution of the A.U.S.S.C

Visual Basic .NET (VB S
SQL or Structured Query Language.NET) 2008

NAME: Pentium® Dual-Core CPU

WINDOWS 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, Build 7600)

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

2048MB RAM

GeForce G102M

E. Expected Output

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