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INTRODUCTION and mathodology for project report

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INTRODUCTIONElectricity is one of the important requests for the individuals among the world and in the street, however it tends to be delivered yet it isn’t fulfilling the accurate interest. To defeat this, electricity during unused hours must be provide and it is difficult for the human to control it. In this day and age, 60% of the power delivered is utilized for the road lighting because of its constant activity during evening time. So as to limit the power utilization, well off innovation must be actualized for the road lighting framework.

This paper talks about the automatic Street Lighting System, which diminishes the wastage of vitality and reduces electricity expenditure. The framework would cleverly adjust the lighting levels dependent on the car speed and the traffic.

These lighting levels or force will be balanced powerfully through the sensors and microcontroller as indicated by the present thickness of the path. An outer component has likewise been incorporated into this framework, with the goal that road lights will adjust lightning dependent on the how many cars is coming under the light.

Background of the ProjectAutomatic Street Light Control System is a straightforward yet influential idea, which utilizes sensor as a switch. By utilizing this framework manual works are 100% expelled. It naturally turns ON lights when the vehicle is going under the light the. This is finished by a sensor called Light Dependant Resistor (LDR) which detects the light really like our eyes. It consequently turns OFF lights when the vehicle is leaving.

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What’s the point of using it or why i use this project or using this system the energy consumption is also reduced because nowadays the manually operated street lights are not switched off this should close by the people who work their and also switched on earlier before sunset. In this project, no need of manual operation like ON time and OFF time setting.

This task plainly exhibits the working of microcontroller in the light which is in the road.

Project Objectives Prototype will detect car on street and switch on lights during evening and night .Once car leaves, it switches off lights after some time.

Synchronizing switch on/switch off on per car speed

Depending on time, intensity of light will be adjusted automatically

Display status of light on LCD and send SMS to supervisor in case light not working

Developing log in memory of microcontroller and send it to supervisor each hours

Project LimitationsThere are many things that let this project not working but in this project maybe when I connect all the component I will get wrong in connection or maybe some of the component is not working or maybe some connection is not correct because of that I need to make or to be ready for all things so before I choose any topic you should make table for the difficulties that you face in the connects or the things will not let the project work so when I was search for the topic I make the points for the things will not let the project work.

Overview of the Project ReportThis report comprises of five sections. The principal part is presenting the idea of the proposed framework and is examining the goals intended to be accomplished or achieved and it will talk about downsides of the framework proposed. the subsequent section is presenting the approach picked for executing the framework proposed and is examining the various phases of the applied philosophy. In the third part, two diary articles identified with the undertaking point zone are outlined and fundamentally examined. In the fourth section, a plane expected to achieve the undertaking is done where, the estimated complete expense of parts chose and a venture plan which is demonstrating the errands should have been finished during a particular timeframe is made. In the last section, the structure of the planned framework is talked about.

METHODOLOGYThis section is quickly presenting the different types of methodologies used to structure a task. Likewise, is presenting the strategy picked for actualizing the framework proposed and is talking about the various phases of the applied system.Applied Method

There are many type of methodology but in this project I should choose the best one which I will do it in my project depend in that you will start and finish the project depend in that methodology. In this project I will use v model because is the better one for my project also the mean of v model is if you do one steps wrong then you can come back and fix that step or you can correction that steps which you do it wrong.


Here I will explain what is the different between each methodology and why I use v model.

Waterfall : is a breakdown of task exercises into straight successive stages, where each stage relies upon the expectations of the past one and which was utilized for the product advancement also the waterfall model is straightforward and straightforward. Each stage in the cascade model must be finished before moving to the following stage. This model can’t be utilized for structuring the task where, the model has some hindrance that will influence the way toward planning the undertaking where a trouble of evaluating the cost and time for each stage and a trouble of making changes on the framework

Agile: is a training that advances ceaseless emphasis of improvement and testing all through the product advancement lifecycle of the venture. Both advancement and testing exercises are simultaneous not normal for the Waterfall model.

DSDM: is dynamic systems development method and it is a deft task conveyance system, at first utilized as a product advancement strategy.

V model: As the framework required to configuration contains both equipment and programming, the examination philosophy picked is the v model approach. This model is basic and simple to use just as it spares a great deal of time where a testing plan is made before beginning improvement and coding.

So in this project I will use v model because it is easy and simple as well.

2.3 Illustration Diagrams or Pictorial Representation

Figure 1.1 v-model methodology

This is the block diagram of the methodology that I will used which is v model and the steps of v model is clear and if you use it you will be in save side because it is using to fix any steps.

Related Phases

Here I will explain each component or each block in the block diagram for v model.


As the point of this task is to plan a framework which the light in the road switching on and off automatically, an examination or an exploration is directed where all the vital or required information and data are assembled to show signs of improvement complete on the subject which is picked. The exploration is directed by abridging and breaking down two distinctive diary articles identified with a similar subject region. Likewise, the discoveries structure these diaries are dissected. In addition, the segments which used to structure the framework are characterized. The framework is tried in this stage.

System design

this stage, the segments details, usefulness, inputs and outputs are matches with the clients need and to accomplish the normal objectives or targets of the framework. Additionally, in this stage a flow chart is structured by the block diagram designed and its segment usefulness. the flow chart is utilized to comprehend the procedure of the framework structured and is utilized for programing the codes and i will use one software because i will use one microcontroller and the program is used for programming the codes

Component design

In this stage, the planned framework is broken into littler units so as to show signs of improvement thought or comprehension of the framework where, the usefulness of these units is contemplated by alluding to every segment’s electronic properties. Every unit is clarified and a program for every unit is composed.


In this stage, the framework is executed by the real circuit chart or the schematic graph. The circuit outline is planned by determining the usefulness, information sources, inputs and outputs of every or each component that is used.

unit testing

This test is made by isolating the framework into little units and tests every unit independently. And afterward the qualities acquired from the test are contrasted with the one estimated hypothetically or anticipated.

integrating testing

Here, again a testing is done at the same time, in the wake of joining the little units together.

system testing

A testing is done in the wake of actualizing or assembling the entire framework or parts together and the outcomes acquired should coordinate with the qualities anticipated.

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