Introduced to the children Essay

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Introduced to the children

Nowadays, there are so many children television shows introduced to the children. Which are being interactive in a way and the children are enjoying and learning (without them knowing it). One of these shows is the “Dora the Explorer” of NickJr. , which is very popular nowadays. As it was described the show was created “…starring a 7-year-old Latina girl and her friends. The show is designed to actively engage preschoolers in a play-along, computer-style adventure. ” [About Dora the Explorer (n. d. ),Retrieved November 10, 2007from www. nickjr. com/shows/dora/about_dora. jhtml. ]

In this particular episode, when Dora received her backpack as a gift from her parents. It was her mother who informed her that she has a present from them. Like a common mother who is loving and caring to her child she was so proud in informing Dora of the gift. While the father is very proud to present the gift to her and telling her all about the backpack. Of how special it is, as her mother had mentioned. The father informed Dora that all she needs is inside the backpack. There are thirteen characters in this episode and mostly are males, only five characters are female including the main character Dora.

Comparing with the other female characters, Dora is what you might say of the strong character. As earlier mentioned, he mother is the loving and caring person of her child. While her backpack which was represented by a female voice, represents exactly what is Dora’s character. Also the library’s door is being represented by a female voice, which only shows how friendly and approachable a library is. As for the librarian, we all know that the usual librarian is a female. It is well represented, as a librarian who is friendly, knows who regularly goes to the library.

And knows how many books are to be returned by the borrower. While the male characters, are well represented. The father, who cares and loves her daughter, knows what’s best for her. Boots, a caring friend and assistant to Dora always follows her wherever she goes. Though there are times that he gets in trouble, Dora always helps him get out of it. While Drool who doesn’t like anyone to cross his bridge, is like Scrooge. He gives them riddle to solve and if they can’t answer correctly they can’t pass through. While, Swiper the Fox, Dora’s enemy

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