Introduce My Hometown: Xinjiang, China

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Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region located in northwest China,people often called there Xinjiang and there located in the center of the Erasion continent. So, there is very important station that the strategic position is very significant. Xinjiang as an minority nationnality living in compact communities,the major minority nationality has 12 including Uygur, Kazak, Hui,Kikhas , Mongol, Tajik, Xibe, Manchu, Ozbek, Russ, Daures and Tatar. Most of minority personnality believe Islam,So in Xinjiang,you can experience pure Islam amorous feelings.

Live in such an environment Xinjiang Han nationality people’s living habits subject to a certain degree influence.

For example,we prefer mutton than pork ,because pork in Xinjiang was not very active demand and hard to buy it. The reason is there live in too much muslin and the creed is forbidden to eat pork. And in the ‘Id al-Adha and Roza like American Jewry in the Rosh Hashana,minority nationality people will have a special holiday just for them to celebration their festival.

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That’s a peerless sample in China. [pic] [pic] Speaking of Xinjiang,it is necessary to mention Xinjiang natural produce Xinjiang had always been productive Xinjiang is China’s important origin energy base. The very famous project West-to-East gas and electricity’s start point is in Xinjiang . Refer to electricity,Xinjiang has a well-known in the all around world’s wind power station-The Dabancheng wind station. A large amount of amount of windmills make people image Holland within can’t help.

Except gas and electricity,Xinjiang is rich in petroleum ,coal,gold,copper,nickel,chromium salts and rare metals minerals.

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Xinjiang has 208. 6 million tons of oil resources,is china’s onshore oil 30%. Gas resource of 10. 3 trillion m3 account for the China gas resource of 34%. The coal resource prediction is 2. 19 trillion,account china’s 40%. Besides energy resources in Xinjiang,the terrain and climate in Xinjiang made the fruit product from Xinjiang has famous in China,Xinjiang mainly belong to north Mid-latitude Semi-arid,arid regions.

There far away from the ocean,Xinjiang is the farthest distance to sea province in China and Xinjiang’s capital,Urumqi,is the farthest distance to sea city in the world. Typical warm temperature between day and night. Such summer many kinds of fruits greeted the bumper harvest like watermelon,muskmelon and grapes. The opulent sweetness of this climate,someone who try it is no one praise the great tastes fruits. [pic][pic] Next,I want to talk about Xinjiang’s terrain. In concretely,Xinjiang has china’s largest basin–The Tairm basin,and China’s largest , the world 6th desert-Taklimakan.

Something interesting,Taklimakan in Uygur language means don’t come in,if you want to depart. So,Taklimakan have another horrible name:The sea of death. But now,we fund underground of the Taklimakan has the various of gas and oil. So,government begins to attempt march to this The sea of death. Except Tarim basin and Taklimakan,The Altay mountains,kunlun mountains and Tianshan mountains make Xinjiang divide into two part. The north Xinjiang and The South Xinjiang. Between the 3 mountains is Tarim basin and Junggar basin.

This is geographer often told the 3 mountains clip the two brains terrain. This special terrain make the two part of Xinjiang play the different role in the society life. In the summer the south of Xinjiang have more rainfall than the north of Xinjiang. Of course,it more cool than the north of Xinjiang and in winter the south of Xinjiang will more warm. That’s lead to the south of Xinjiang have more oasis than the north. So,began from the ancient,the south is a main agriculture place. Now,the Uygur nationality most of people inhabit the region.

And that the north’s function mainly is economy and business because of near by the Russian and Central Asia. SO,xinjiang’s important foreign trading port is all in the north. [pic] That’s all I want to introduce,And there is a mysterious and fairness. If you have time,welcome there. You can recognize a different china.  Dress the traditional Uygur cloth’s Uygur girl. A famous Islam architecture in Xinjiang-XIangfei mu,a Islam king built a tomb for his favourite concubine Xinjiang’s fruit The Dabancheng wind power station. “Oasis agriculture”-cotton fields

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