Intro to Internet Essay

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Intro to Internet

Although it is true that professional web designers prefer using raw html codes when creating a web page, they admit that using HTML editors such as DreamWeaver, Frontpage, and Netscape Composer has advantages. The beauty these programs lies in its ease of use. Unlike raw html where in the designer must remember raw html coding , the HTML editor allows the same work to be done with a few mouse clicks or image inserts onto the page.

Every professional web page designer first created a page using an HTML editor. Later on learning the more complex rudiments of raw HTML page coding. HTML editors allow the user to create a web page that looks like it has a complex feel and design because the editor has all the coding built into it for the designer to use even though he does not know the raw html tags and syntaxes to use. Usually, the basic programs used in a web page such as Javascript can already be activated by the simple touch of a button.

The biggest benefit of using an html editor is the feature known as HTML previewing. It allows us to view the webpage in real time format. Work Cited Evans, Tim. (1998). HTML 4: 10 Minute Guide. Indianapolis, Indiana: QUE Web Developer’s Notes. (2007). What Are WYSIWYG HTML Editors – Their Advantages and Disadvantages.

Retrieved September 8, 2007 from http://www. webdevelopersnotes. com/design/wysiwyg_html_editors_advantages_disadvantages. php3

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