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Intro to Operating System

To understand three operating systems, you must first know what an operating system is. An operating system is software that controls the computer. It manages hardware, run applications, provides’ an interface for uses, stores, retrieves files. Here are three operating systems DOS, Windows 2000, and Linux. DOS, which is a disk operating system was the first OS within IBM computers. DOS was the operating system utilized by early versions of Windows including Windows 3. and 3. 11. Next you have Windows 2000, which is an upgraded version of Windows NT and comes in numerous versions some are designed for the desktop and other designed high-end servers.

Windows 2000 was a popular choice for corporate offices and their employees. The ultimate reason Windows 2000 was so successful over Windows NT was because it was more stable, support for Plug and Play, device manager, recovery console, activity directory, and better network support.

At this time Windows 2000 is a dying operating system and provides no support from Microsoft due to the newer operating systems coming out at this time.

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The third operating system would be Linux is predominantly used for servers. Between Windows, and Mac, Linux is not a high option and is actually one to two percent of the desktop market. The creation of Linux was one of the best examples for free and open source software collaborations. Linux is packaged in a format known as Linux distribution for desktop and server use.

There are three main factors in which would lead to an upgrade for one the stability factor, dependability, upgrade, and registration.

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The reason in which the stability factor is of importance is to ensure the use is receiving a more stable operating system. Unfortunately, many users experience of cost as to why upgrading has not been the option, however; Windows XP Home Edition is the best choice because it is a mixture of Windows 95, 98, ME, and 2000 platforms.

Dependability factor is about the same as stability for example, Microsoft has instituted a driver-signing program, whereby drivers created for and adhering to the Windows XP standards will be digitally signed. As well as the options of system restore which some operating systems do not have or are not dependable. This is why dependability of an operating system is imperative to success not only for corporate users but home users as well. Third factor is upgrade factor because you must first determine if your operating system can even support the upgrade before deciding to upgrade.

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Upgrading ensures users stability and dependability for their operating system. Essentially, every Windows Operating Systems have differences one being better than the other. For instance Windows 2000 has lower system requirements and a simpler interface, while Windows XP contains all the bells and whistles such as Windows Movie Maker, built- in CD writer support, Internet firewall as well as Remote Desktop Connection. As each Microsoft Version comes out options are essentially added and some which are not utilized often are removed.

Taking a closer look between three versions of Windows you can see the difference in another light. Window XP; multitask more easily, chat and share with free photo, e-mail, and IM programs, browse the web easily and more safely, personalize your desktop, connect to company networks, getting the most out of 64-bit PC, watch, and record TV. Now take Vista it has all XP’s options plus; finds files and programs quicker, depends against malware and spyware, monitor and manage your child’s use, create movies and slideshows, more realistic game graphics.

Finally take my favorite and newest Operating system on the market Windows 7 it does everything that XP and Vista plus; opening program with fewer clicks, quickly connect to any open network, navigate through multiple windows faster, share photos, music, movies, on your home network with other computers in the home, print to single printer from any PC in the house, manage printers, cameras better, stream music, photos, and videos around the house, sleep, and resume quicker, connect to your home PC media library while you are away.

Touch and tab instead of point and click. In my personal opinion I have worked with most all versions on Windows as well as DOS when I owned an IBM when I was younger. I clearly remember getting very aggravated with my IBM because it froze up a lot. At my current job we run off Windows XP professional and it does have a lot of system freezes, as well as system crashes. Now I just recently bought a new laptop installed with the new Windows 7 and I love it.

It is the most user-friendly operating system I have come in contact with. Personally, I am one of the individuals who loves to personalize my backgrounds, and sounds. My ultimate favorite option is being able to move around my open applications where ever I want on my taskbar. I usually have numerous applications open at one time and with Windows 7 I am able to move them around to my personal preference with Vista I am unable to do that.

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