Intranet Usability and Interoperability Essay

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Intranet Usability and Interoperability

Much is written in management theory about dealing with or initiating change within organizations. Total Quality Management, business process reengineering, continuous improvement, teams, learning organizations, and systems analysis are buzzwords heard in planning departments of business organizations. An Intranet can significantly contribute to these goals. Intranet is a private computer network based on the communication standards of the Internet. It is smaller version of the Internet that only the members of an organization can see.

The Intranet provides a way for employees to gain better access to more time-sensitive information. Anyone in an organization with access to computer resources and the Internet can use an Intranet. It is only accessible to a chosen network which is secured by a firewall that prohibits others to access the content. The Intranet can end the paper trail of many office applications. Since information is published on the Intranet instead of printed in a company paper newsletter the employee can make faster more informed decisions.

The benefits on an Intranet include: easy to set up and administer, open architecture, universal interface, inexpensive, connects all operating system platforms, cost effective, faster access to information, better decision making, build and share knowledge. Virtually any department that needs information in a timely fashion can benefit from an Intranet. Human resources department can post online job postings, career development and training, online directories, and web based forms for collection of payroll and insurance forms.

Marketing department can search engines to gather market research, sales tracking and reporting, and online catalogs. Corporate office can produce online newsletters, corporate events calendar and links to company resources and tools. Intranet complements or substitute most internal employee communications in use. It improves an organization’s ability to manage its information and it can also streamline document distribution. Intranets can result in higher productivity because of better access to quality information.

It also allows reuse of existing information and can reduce the cost of information sourcing, printing and distribution. The tools to build an Intranet are the same that you use to build a Web page. An Intranet provides opportunities for multimedia that internal corporate networks do not. An Intranet is available twenty-four hours a day like any other network. Recent shifts in corporate structure point to the emergence of “communities of process.

” Management gurus are helping companies move away from vertical, hierarchical organizational lines towards horizontal, process-oriented groups that link cross-functional teams focused on the same set of business tasks. The trouble is that this requires significant interaction between departments, functions, even countries. The Intranet is the ideal vehicle for creating and empowering process-based corporate communities. Successful process-oriented Intranets look and work as differently as the processes they enable, but they share several common characteristics.

First they are built on smart information design. Second, they focus on tasks, not documents, and aim to integrate those tasks into distinct processes. Finally, the best Intranets encourage collaboration by creating shared and familiar spaces that reflect the personality of the company and create a common ground for all employees. Designed effectively around dynamic tasks rather than static documents, Intranets can contribute to dramatic increases in efficiency. Organizing documents within the context of tasks also focuses employees on the function of the documents they are working with.

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