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Interviewer and interviewee Dan Essay

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Interviewer and interviewee Dan: (knocks at door) James:come in (dan walks in) take a seat Dan :thank you for taking time out of your schedule to see me James that’s ok, I have to go by 2, its me and my wifes anniversary Dan: Ok that’s fine James: lets begin shall we, do you have a copy of this? (handing script over) so what are your best qualitys? Dan: well im a real people person and I like to help others James: I see (writing something down) .. umm anything else ? Dan: well….. i am extremely nice James: ok then.. i see theres some work needed to be done..

Let’s talk about your exam results Dan: My what? James: Exam results. You know GCSE’S…. A’Levels Dan: Oh them… great weather we’re having today isnt it? James: Yes its very sunny.. and your exams? Dan: Well that’s a problem.. i didn’t do them James: You didn’t do them ? Dan: well… it was as if i hadn’t done them… i got 11 U’s… so straight marks .. all across the board. Impressed heh ? James: Look.. Dan.. (under breath) if that is ur real name…

Dan: What was that ? James: Oh nothing .. Your exam results.. there abbismal..what makes you think you can work here.. even Rich the Janitor had an A in food tech. And your telling me you have no qualificatios. This business has standards to keep up mr Woodbridge. And I just don’t know if your the sort we need to keep these standards up. Do you understand ? Is there anything else you can tell me which would help me in my decision ? Dan: i know i know but i am a really nice person and a model employee, u can ask any of my previous employers, i have worked for halifax, i was head of magement at tesco for a few weeks.

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And they seemed 2 like me as an employee. I got free bin bags ! (WHIPS ONE OUT AND SHUVS IT in james face) James: Well .. that must have been nice for you… Dan .. Dan: Sorry James: Riiiiite… Dan i do think you are wasting my time here.. now would you please leave.. there’s teh door Dan: NO NO NO NO give me another chance.. no more bags i promise James: Security.. SECURITY.. ahh there on their lunch break.. ok one more chance Dan: YESSSSSSSSSSSSS .. so what can i do to make you give me this job?

James: Give me alot of money? Dan: You expect me to have money? James: Well tesco is very generous.. look let me make this clear for you.. you’re not right for the job (PHONE RINGS…. James listens intently…. ) James: Well dan.. seems like its your lucky day. It seems Rich has just had a little accident and has broken almost every bone in his body Dan: Oh my god what was he doing? James: Cooking a pop tart.. Dan: So i get the job ! I’m a janitor James: On a temporary basis.. yes.. now please leave ..

I would say it has been a pleasure to meet you.. but to be honest it has been hell.. now please excuse me. Dan: wait… i would like to know what this janitor job pays? James: well its about i?? 5. 50/hr Dan: i was hoping for a bit more but as i once got told beggers cant be choosers…. i cant be a chooser James: Too right .. goodbye (Shake hands) Dan: id like to thank you for your time and for the job.. i hope rich never recovers.. well I hope he does but u get me James: yes i…. get u….. now leave Dan: ok byebye.

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