Interview with Makeup Artist Sephora

Being a makeup artist requires a great deal of hard work, precision, and artistry. It is a job that is challenging, yet satisfying. Meet David. David is a 24 year old makeup artist who presently works as a beauty consultant at Sephora on 42nd and Madison. David was also interested on being on the Sephora Pro Charm Group, but told me that is a task he is working on and will even more handle in the coming time. He invests hours by the day assisting clients do a color match, give suggestions on brands, or doing a Customized Makeup Application, or CMA for brief.

These applications are done when a customer invests a minimum of $50 on any item in Sephora.

The customer will sit down with an appeal professional and have a complete face of makeup done. I got the chance to follow David as he dealt with various customers, and I likewise got the possibility to ask him a few questions, together with some opinions he tossed at me.

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David is well. obviously, employed by Sephora. During the week, he normally works 4 days a week from about 12pm to 9pm. He informed me that mid shifts are the very best, due to the fact that they are usually the busiest and time passes quickly without even seeing. For his time and effort, Sephora compensates him with $11. 50 an hour without commission.

I discovered that David is not generally at the place at 42nd and Madison, however is usually located in the Times Square area next to McDonalds on 42nd and 7th.

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David started working with the company in 2009, making it 3 years given that starting with the company. He got the job, similar to any of us would have gone to obtain any other job. He filed out an application together with a resume and wished for the finest. David is really interested in cosmetics, and he informed me that he utilizes all Makeup Forever Products. He likes them since of the ease of application and the natural look that includes it.

The line makes your skin look flawless and makes pictures look amazing. When it comes down to applying makeup to clients, David likes to use Bobbi Brown products, along with a few products from the Makeup Forever collection. Also, I noticed that he uses the Smashbox Primer “Photo Finish. ” It seemed like they were trying to push this product a little bit. They clean the brushes before each application, and they also remove any dirt, oils, or makeup from the face. Make overs do differ from consumer to consumer. A client who is fair skinned has a completely different complexion than someone who may be dark skinned.

The products do vary between clients. There was a woman that David was working with who said she was, “new to makeup” and wanted to learn more about application. David started her off with a tinted moisturizer to see how that felt on her face, judging whether or not she would like more coverage. With most clients, they pushed a lot of the Makeup Forever products, being that it is Sephora’s private brand. They did somewhat of a soft sell, being that they told you the name of the product before they put it on. I did notice they would take a brand new product off of the shelf and place it in front of you.

David did this with most of the products he applied to his clients. During my time with David, I did not feel pressured to buy anything. He explained to me where he was applying each product and what it did to the face. For the first time, I had contouring done, and I loved the final look of it. It definitely defined the face and I honestly had no idea it came in a powder. I always figured it came in a liquid. My time with David was up, but I did manage to buy a few products. I bought a Sephora Pro foundation brush, along with the HD Microperfecting Powder.

They were items I needed, but thanks to David’s help, I bought them right after my consultation with him. I did also spend the money because I found out how much the powder does make a difference after applying the makeup. It gives the face a matte look and also locks in the makeup to your face. The powder also absorbs oils and stays on all day. We all know that Sephora is a top leader in the retail industry when it comes to makeup, skincare, and cosmetics. According to what I found out from David, and just simply people watching at Sephora for about 2 hours, I feel like a company can make a lot of money if they have in store make overs.

Unlike CVS and Duane Reade, where you cannot try the makeup, Sephora gives the client an opportunity to see the product on, live, and how he or she wants to see it. It reduces the chance for returns of a product because of the testing beforehand. Companies can greatly impact a sale if they incorporate this technique into a store. Not only will it give people a place to try new products, it gives the client more of an opportunity to work with an advisor, like David. People need help when they try new things on their own sometimes. So when all comes down to store make overs, they are a total win and a great way to communicate with a client.

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Interview with Makeup Artist Sephora
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