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The restaurant was founded in 2006 in Lodz. From the beginning, it was a restaurant with possibilityto organize closed parties like birthday party, wedding and so on. After market confrontation,restaurant was changed into a pub oriented directly to teenagers. The organization of events waspreserved. The company employed  in the beginning 3 people, then 8 person.1.

What was motivated you to start your own business?

The most important thing was to create something new what can bring more benefits than money.Money are of course very important factor in business but not always the most.

Place where youngpeople can meet after hours was really good idea. It wasnt just for me, but I was there for them. Inthat time, that was a good investment of my capital because I could spend them or invest. I havechosen to invest.2.

What influence, positive or negative, running a business has on your private life?

Thats obvious that you can find in every action good and bad things.

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The same is with running a newbusiness. There can be observed positive and negative influence on your life. Let me start withpositive things. Firstly, it is great experience which gives you newer point of view on differ situations.Secondly, we cannot forget about money because it is also obvious that after sacrifice comes betterdays  in that case money. Thirdly and lastly, it is not a typical job from 9 to 5. You are your own bossand almost everything depends on you. Self-employed has also negative sides. You are boss 24/7  itis connected with lack of free time.

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Your thoughts are concentered on your company also during theweekend and holidays. When something goes wrong it is not possible to have few days off.3.

What traits of character are in your opinion useful when one decides to start and run theirown business?

There is many traits of character which are very important for an entrepreneur. Of course, manypeople can say that everyone can be an entrepreneur, but I cannot agree with them. Some traits of character you have to be born with and theres no way if you are not. In my opinion very important ispersistence, learning on your own mistakes  it is not a real trait of character but it is also verysignificant, self-confidence, intelligence, communication skills, creativity and open-minded.4.

How has starting and running your own business changed you?

People are always changing, in every single minute you can observe that you changed. I am nottalking about your appearance but about your thoughts and feelings. When you can count only onyourself , firstly your trust in decreasing  you cannot believe what people say because you neverknow who is your real enemy. From the other hand you start to respect of people work becausesometimes your success is dependent on their work. At last, you are sure that you dont want towork in a big corporation because you see potential in your business.

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