Interview vs interrogation techniques Essay

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Interview vs interrogation techniques

While this may be an interrogation, the problem in this scenario is that it works under the assumption that Jacob is already guilty of the offense committed. It is the constitutional right of every person to be presumed innocent until proven guilty even if the person is caught in the act of committing a crime. By confronting the suspect or culprit, the police will not be able to elicit the information that is required.

The questions that are being propounded by the police investigator do not allow Jacob the chance to answer the real questions which tend to deal with his commission of the offense. Being bombarded with such probing questions, in this case, the stacking questions will only serve to confuse Jacob and cause him to be defensive, thus nullifying any chance that the police will actually be able to get a confession from him. This is also an example of a loaded question which also serves to confuse Jacob.

If I were the detective, I would ask open ended questions first to make the suspect feel at ease and allow him to answer the questions then ask closed ended questions that would help narrow down his interrogation to more specific items. This method works best in these situations because it adds a structure and a flow to the questioning and it leads to a desired outcome. Unlike the example in this scenario where there is no clear purpose as to the questioning.

The detective should first determine the exact information that he wants to elicit from the suspect. Irrelevant questions such as the reaction of the parents should be avoided by the detective. The issue of motive should be approached differently instead of asking why the suspect committed a stupid act, the detective should instead take a neutral stance first and ask the suspect what exactly happened from his point of view then introduce evidence that may rebut his testimony to attempt to steer the suspect into telling the truth or even confessing.

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