Interview Questions for Manager Profiles Essay

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Interview Questions for Manager Profiles

Q1.What do you think are the challenges for Hero MotoCorp at this moment? Q2.What steps would you take to meet the challenges?  Q3.Describe a situation in which you were required to handle an unsatisfactory customer. Q4.How has your previous company benefited from you?  Q5.What are the most important skills that are required for this job profile? Which of these do you have and don’t have? Q6.What life lessons does a management degree teach?  Q7.Tell us about a time when, as a team leader, you had to deal with a difficult situation professionally. How did you solve the issue keeping the team members in purview?

Q8.What are the two significant trends in the two wheeler industry today? Q9.Describe a situation when you had to convince a non-supporting team member to consider your plan of action. Q10.What was your specialization in your management studies? Q11.What was going on in your mind when you decided on the management specialization subjects? Q12.How has your previous job experience helped you personally and professionally? Q13.Describe your usual work week. What kinds of works do you do as a manager?

General Interview Questions for Hero MotoCorp Ltd

Q1.Tell us something about yourself.
Q2.What are your hobbies?
Q3.What is your vision for Hero MotoCorp?
Q4.How did you come to know about Hero MotoCorp? What made you apply here? Q5.Give us reasons why you want to work in this company and not any other. Q6.How do you think will you make a difference in the company? Q7.Which product or service of Hero MotoCorp interests you the most? Why? Q8.How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Q9.What is your expectation in terms of salary?
Q10.Tell us about the competitors of Hero MotoCorp. How do these competitors rate in comparison to this company? Q11.How would you describe your role in Hero MotoCorp, if you are hired?

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