Interview Questions Essay

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Interview Questions

1. Tell me something about yourself.

I am a hard working employee who is dedicated to get the job done successfully, effectively and efficiently. I have a strong background in business management and a variety of job experience. This has helped me to develop valuable skills and abilities I use in my personal and professional career path.

2. Why should I hire you?

I am confident that my professional skills and abilities would bring value to your company as well as your staff. I will use my current management skills and abilities to evaluate, improve and maintain employee production by setting specific employee job goal, increasing employee motivation and providing frequent employee feedback.

3. What are your strengths?

I have developed strong business management and customer service skills that I will use to manage employees, increase production and decrease company expenses. I also have a strong communication, leadership, organizational, creativity and safety skills and abilities that help me to provide a positive, safe and secure leadership.

4. What are your weaknesses?

I tend to over analyze simple Ideas and solutions to basic problems. This is where I try to identify all aspect of a situation or process before making an educated decision. My weakness lies in my slightly impaired ability to make quick radical decisions to simplified problems. I also tend to be a workaholic where I become more concerned with solving problems and completing projects then my own personal welfare.

5. Why are you applying for this position?

I feel this position is a great opportunity to increase and utilize my professional skills, abilities and education. These skills will provide a valuable resource to your business while increasing my own personal and professional development.

6. Why are you interested in working for our firm?

Outside of a benefit scope, your company shows appreciation and loyalty to employees providing needed security and support. You also provide strong career development benefits and incentives that I plan to participate in as I build my career in your company.

7. What can you contribute to this company?

I plan to contribute my time, skills and abilities to completing company goals and developing new innovative strategies to decrease company costs, increase production or productivity and increase the overall value and success of your business.

Group B: Behavior-Based Questions
1. Tell me about a difficult situation you dealt with when supervising others. What did you do, and what were the results? One summer I acquired a job position as a shift supervisor for the lodge services department. This position consisted mostly of janitorial duties, supervising employee job functions, developing work schedules and reporting employee activity to department managers. While working under this position, an employee was hired to provide additional help during periods of higher service demand. After working for a few weeks his job performance started to drastically decrease. He hide himself in closets, bathrooms or other secluded areas where he would read personal books he brought from home. After verbally warning him several times with little to no compliance I felt the need to escalate this situation to the attention of my supervisor. After doing so, my supervisor showed little interest in disciplining his poor performance.

When it came to time to develop new work schedules, I took it upon myself to drastically decrease hours he was to work and offered these additional hours to more productive and resourceful employees. This action eventually lead to a dismissal of his services, slightly decreased company costs and lead to my personal promotion as hotel service manager. 2. Tell me about a time when someone made an unreasonable request of you. How did you react, and what happened? When I worked in the plating lab for a company, my boss on many occasions would change the job duties and requirements I was to perform. On one occasion I was reprimanded and written up for following the specific guidelines for disposing of nickel sulfa mite, a hazardous chemical used to plate steel with nickel.

When I started working for my boss, I was given a detailed list of specific actions to be taken when disposing of company chemicals. The action plans for disposing of nickel sulfa mite consisted of checking current hazardous material disposal drums for partially filled or empty drums. If no drums were available I was to go directly to our chemist and have him supply me with a new waste drum. The following day after executing this procedure, an employee reported that a practically filled nickel sulfa mite waste drum had been misplaced by another department.

This is when I received disciplinary action for not following specific orders. At the end of the day, after my boss and I had time to calm down, I approached my boss and explained how I followed the direct procedures I was given for the circumstances, he agreed that without additional information I would not have known to check other departments for waste drum that may have been misplaced. The penalties were dropped and I received the additional training needed to fulfill my job requirements more effectively.

3. Describe the last time that you did something that went beyond what was expected in work or school. While volunteering my services as a water safety officer and public safety driver for a fire company and the county zone water task force, I personally found it very difficult to meet specific requirements and expectations when using company gear. These requirements and expectations are set by training and state law standards to insure a moderate level of safety and job success is provided.

After identifying the main issues for these complications residing with the company’s gear, I took it upon myself to analyze record and report current equipment, as well as additional needed water rescue equipment. This action resulted in a better understanding of water rescue requirements, acceptable equipment and additional support from higher officials including the company’s chief, deputy and captain. The company is now evaluating the cost and resources needed to acquire this additional equipment and increase the safety and security of our water rescue personnel.

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