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Interview questions

My interests in becoming an instructor are guided by my professional yearn to disseminate knowledge. I wish to impact lives of individuals within my reach using my repertoire of experience so as to significantly demystify substance underlying my contextual area of specialization. Indeed, my desire is to create practical awareness to my students that would be indispensable in professional health practice. In addition, continued discovery of knowledge, which I will achieve during interaction with students, motivates me towards taking instructor’s job.

My success will be derived from my commitment to deliver coupled with the experience I have gathered over the years. Furthermore, my interpersonal skills that I highly treasure will create appropriate student-instructor relationship necessary for learning. In creating positive learning environment, I will start by learning entry behavior of every student through a survey or a bibliography on valuable information. Second, I will establish personal connections with my students to demonstrate respect and value that I place on them as resources for the future.

Third, positive feedback in recognition of performance and progress will describe my class for purposes of demonstrating to students their awaiting great destiny. Fourth, I will encourage students’ feedback for my self evaluation. Finally, my efforts will also be directed towards observance of appropriate discipline in class in line with set institutional regulations (Vella, 2008). I can efficiently do instructions in general health management and respiratory care.

Due to the knowledge explosion that is in the health practice, it is possible that I have not taught some courses in my profession. Upon being assigned such courses, I would carefully consider the weight and demands of such a course against my professional ability. I definitely have the basic concepts in regards to health related courses and therefore I would proceed with doing vigorous research on the specific details I would need for the class. Consultations from course developer and appropriate course specialist would also constitute my preparation.

Finally I would package my learning resources in relevant teaching designs such as power point presentations and practical sessions in readiness for my class. I am fit to efficiently and effectively handle HCS 510 course. Academically, I successfully pursed my Doctorate degree in Health Sciences with specialization in global health. Among areas of concern in global health included infectious diseases and psychological illnesses affecting individuals around the world.

Furthermore, concepts related to pathophysiology in individuals were basic studies in my Bachelors Degree in Health Care Management. In addition, during my Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration, I attained excellent training in neurological, renal, gastrointestinal and endocrine systems. Other systems studied included the cardiovascular and immune systems. As a health practitioner, I have had vast practical experience in respiratory system and the related EENT.

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