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Interview Essay

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Thru out life we all have our own path that we must carve out for ourselves. I hope that the following interview will open your eyes, just as it has mine. The good, bad and downright ugly times of life. This is the story of my lesbian friend Stacy and her journey, from understanding what she was, to coming out to her family, and even her future goals and plans. I began my interview with Stacy by asking her when did she first realized she was a lesbian.

She answer by stating that she had always liked looking at girls from an early age, but she felt like something was wrong with her. It was in the seventh grade when she began to feel that she was a bisexual which still did not feel right and not where she belonged. I wasn’t until the summer of her ninth to tenth grade year of school that she fully accepted the role of fully being lesbian.

Stacy went on to tell me about her first encounter with a female but, I chose to not write that out of respect for her privacy. My next question was when she first came out to her parents.

She replied that she didn’t simply come out to her mother and stepfather at 17years old, she was tricked. Unbeknownst to Stacy, her stepfather had created a fake profile on a social media site and started a conversation with her. After months of tricky Stacy’s mother confronted her about the findings from the fake profile and was clearly shaken by the idea of her daughter being a lesbian. She went on to tell me that from that it was only a few weeks later the arguing with her mother continued and Stacy moved out with friends.

I asked her how she felt about being separated from her parents. Stacy respond by saying it was rough, her feelings were really hurt. Stacy felt alone leaving her family with only a bag full of clothes. While staying with friends, Stacy says she began drinking and using drugs. Realizing that she wanted better, Stacy called her mother asking to come home. Even though this would not be the last time of moving away and coming back. Their relationship would begin to get better once she moved in to her own place at the age of 23.

As of today Stacy and her mom still trying to become close as they once were. My last question for Stacy was what her future goals were. I allowed her to type her own response. Stacy wrote, “By the time I’m 27 years old, I hope to be graduating from a technical/accredited college with a degree in Criminal Justice or Nursing degree. I also hope to have settled down with a female and soon to be married. After becoming settled down with my girlfriend/fiance, I hope to have started my family (wife, children, and career).

I am not too focused on the concerns and viewpoints of others. As long as I have my family, career, wife and children and God in my life…. what more happiness could I ask for? ” To which I wish her the best in reaching these goals. Well this is the end of my interview with my lesbian friend Stacy. When I began conducting the interview and writing this paper I had my doubts as to a real lesbian’s origins and struggles, but by the end of it I gain a new insight to her world and lifestyle. I hope that this story has done the same for you.

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