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Interview About School Guardening

Paper type: Interview
Pages: 3 (537 words)
Categories: Activity, Economics, Gardening For Children, My School Garden, Nature, Other, Physics, Research, Science, Water
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I. Introduction

A.) Background of the study
Why did you perform the study?
The study was conducted since of the approaching gardening inside the facility of the school especially on the vacant area near the new structures. The study intends to help in the improvisation of the school garden. It is likewise carried out to alleviate the work of the farmers and even little garden enthusiasts.

B.) Declaration of the Problem

What topic/problem do you desire to study?
Our research study deals about the irrigation system of a garden.

At the very same time due to the optimizing using the eager beaver which powered the gadget in a garden, it is also utilized to produce electrical power for charging.

What particular concern did your research study answer?
How can plants/crops be watered without having huge expenses? How can we assist people who operates in garden or farm to supply their electricity needs given that in those area that there are insufficient amount of energy?

C.) Significance of the Research study
Who will benefit from your research study?
When we use an improvise eager beaver, we can assist others.specially the farmers and garden enthusiasts. It gives less expenditures to their garden that utilizes sprinkler which contains ferltilizer for faster growth of plants and can likewise produce an electricity to help them for their requirements.

How will they benefit?
The development will provide advantages to individuals, especially to those who are under farming world, in the method that they do not need to bring their fertilizer devices just to run the developments that makes it less trouble on their part. They do not also have to stroll under the sun. It just means that with these materials there will be less work but more convenience. Considering that the creation is a sprinkler, they also do not have to shower water on their plants. The only thing that they will have to do is to harvest. The sprinkler will be powered by a dynamo. This can be a big aid, especially to the crops men who utilized to live in location where there is insufficient supply of energy. This is a double function development. As the sprinkler keeps the supply of water for the plants/crops, the dynamo produces electrical energy. D.) Scope and Limitations of the Study

What aspects of the topic were covered by your research study?
The study we conducted focused not on the whole irrigation system of a garden /farm. Its scope is relating to the problem how we can provide the nourishment of the soil. How long did you conduct the study?

We had only three (3) days to conduct the researcher our study. This included the time we spent talking to teachers or older people who know something about the possible outcome to the solution we chose from the problem we cite.

What limitations of your study should other researches know?
The limitations must be the duration of time a dynamo can power the water sprinkler. Also the amount of water can a sprinkler produce the amount of current the dynamo can generate.

II. Review of literature and Conceptual Framework
What information about your topic are available in reference materials?

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