Interstellar Celestial Body

On October 19, 2017, such a celestial body was detected. But days after the closest point to the world. Because this object was moving too fast. It was moving so fast that it couldn’t be from our solar system. An interstellar celestial body had been detected for the first time. This object, which is not known where it came from and where it went, was called me Oumuamua. In Hawaii, this means the word is ‘explorer, ambassador, or vanguard’.

US space shuttle and rocket manufacturer SpaceX, NASA developed for the staff carrier Crew Dragon capsule reached the International Space Station.

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In this story, In the near future, this celestial body is recognized again. And this time it is so close to the International Space Station that even the naked eye can be seen. But this celestial body is no longer moving. It remained constant in orbit around the Earth. This time a team to investigate this celestial body is sent from the Earth to the International Space Station. And there was a news from a ‘Breakthrough Listen’ project when that team was doing their research and observations there. In this story, we will see the astronauts assigned to investigate the source of this signal.

This object, initially considered a comet, was reclassified as an asteroid a week later. However, because of some features that have not been observed to date, it was also said that it could be an artificial object rather than a natural object. And it’s not conspiracy theorists who say that.

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In his scientific paper on this object, Avi Loeb, professor of Theoretical Physics at Harvard University, based on Oumuamua’s ‘strange acceleration,’he said: ‘This object could be a fully functional spacecraft deliberately sent around the Earth by an alien civilization.’

Science Fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke wrote a novel called ‘Rendezvous with Rama’. In this novel, astronomers discover a mysterious celestial body and classify it as an asteroid in 2131. However, they understand that they have an unusual orbit by looking at the movement of this object, which they call Rama. Therefore, it came from outside the solar system. They send a spaceship to take a closer look, and one of the photographs the ship sends is that Rama’s shape is like a cylinder. Once they land on them, they know it’s a spaceship. I wanted to write a similar article because I liked this story very much. And that’s exactly what motivates me to write this article.

When the calendars showed 2017, there was a huge discovery for space science. A telescope called Pan-STARRS 1 in Hawaii found a celestial object coming from outside the solar system. The presence of interstellar asteroids was predicted. But for the first time, something like this has been observed. The telescope we’re observing is actually part of NASA’s planet protection program. It was noticed by this telescope that examined the galaxies approaching Earth. They knew it wasn’t the solar system, it was the object’s orbit.

The Observatory team called this asteroid ‘Oumuamua’. This means ‘the first messenger from far away’ in Hawaii. Under normal circumstances asteroid is given a name like ‘a/2017 U1’. But since these stars are names, they are called ‘1I/2017 U1’. In the solar system, all the planets and asteroids are rotating at a steady pace around the sun on a plane. But Oumuamua does not have such an order. His speed wasn’t steady. And the planets were moving almost perpendicular to the plane. On September 9, this object, which was closest to the sun, made a turn on October 14 under the Earth’s orbit and moved towards the Pegasus constellation at a speed of 44 miles per second. The orbit of Oumuamua is not connected to the solar system by gravity, it comes from far away. Although the motion of the sun and planets changed due to gravity, it eventually abandoned the solar system to never come back. This object, which has never been seen before, will continue to roll in space for at least one billion years, as long as there are no unexpected major collisions.

It is not known exactly what this object, which the science world is still eagerly examining, is. Some people say it may be a comet, while others say it looks like an asteroid. There are many people who say this is a spaceship. The Oumuamua, estimated to have been dragged into space for hundreds of millions of years, can continue to progress surprisingly.

A research team led by Italian astronomer Marco Micheli published their work in ‘nature’. The team examined the trajectory and speed of the object as it crossed. The high speed of Oumuamua was achieved not only as a result of the sun’s gravity but also as a result of the release of gases inside it. As is known, the thing that allows comets to fly is that they go out of the gas pile. The researchers found evidence that the gas in question was composed of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and water. In the beginning, the effect of these gases on the speed of the object was not very obvious. According to Paul Chodas, director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, this effect was finally observable. Although the number of evidence that Oumuamua is a comet has increased, all other theories need to prove otherwise. According to Micheli, the best data we have is that he’s an asteroid. Although we have not yet definitively identified him as a comet, it is obvious that this is the most clear explanation at the last point. Even scientists can make a new theory of its unusual ‘tail’ structure. As a result, mankind has not encountered all the surprises in space.

On the other hand, it was also that could be an artificial object, not a natural object, due to its characteristics that have never been observed. And it’s not conspiracy theorists who say that. In his scientific paper on this object, Avi Loeb, professor of Theoretical Physics at Harvard University, based on Oumuamua’s ‘strange acceleration,’he said: ‘This object could be a fully functional spacecraft deliberately sent around the Earth by an alien civilization.’

Based on the change in brightness, it was concluded that it should be about 80 meters to 800 meters in size, like a rod. I mean, like a cylinder. Because of its red color, it was thought to be covered with carbon-rich materials. Released in November 2018, ‘could solar Radiation press release ‘Oumuamua’s Peculiar Acceleration? according to the article ” solar radiation pressure ‘may be the reason for accelerating ‘ If this celestial object is not natural, it may be using some kind of sail to accelerate using this pressure. Our civilization has managed to design such sails as we can see in projects like Ikaros and Starshot. Because this is one of the most appropriate technologies to be used in interplanetary or interstellar transport. So there is a pencil-like object coming from outside our solar system, and this object, which is already very fast, is increasing its speed gradually. According to this article, it may be because of a paper-like SAIL in front of it.


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