Interrelationship between Psychology and Biology Essay

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Interrelationship between Psychology and Biology

Of late Psychologists have shown a keen interest in Biology, which even today is considered a completely different discipline of study by many. However the fact is that both these disciplines are interconnected. Sickness of the mind affects body and vice versa.

According to Nidamboor, “Stress, depression, and other psychological factors make us vulnerable to many diseases. This is so because the relation between mind and health is balanced not only by our own behavior but also by our biological connections. There are links between our brain and the immune system, which sometimes work in opposite directions.” (para. 5) As a result if we are suffering from a biological disease then it affects are behavior, emotions and interactions with others.

In order to get to the crux of behavioral problems it is very important for the psychologists to have a fair idea of the biological history of a person. This approach would positively affect the diagnosis and the psychological treatmments that an individual is undergoing.

Psychological problems like anxiety disorders, personality disorders, depressive disorders and behavioral disorders have their roots in the biological problems that one is facing. For example if a person is handicapped he might suffer from bouts of depression due to his inability to be normal as others. Similarly if a person is too fat or too thin then too his emotional well being is affected by his biological body structure. He might indulge in inappropriate eating behaviors and might suffer from a feeling of worthlessness and low self esteem.

Hence it is extremely imperative for psychologists to get thorough knowledge about a client’s status of biological wellbeing. Since there is an extraordinary link between our minds and bodies imbalance of either would affect the other and perhaps this is why psychologists are so concerned with biology.


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