Interrealtionship Between Psychology and Literature

There is the interrelation between psychology and literature has a kind of a relation which is consensual. Human’s personality makes the literature and also literature supports the human’s personality. Human’s subconscious responses are taken deliberately by humans and whereas, literature also takes into interpretation life’s truths to make clear the perspectives of human personality. In Literature and psychology, they both give importance to fancy, thinks, feelings sensations, and personality of subconscious issues.

The writers and poets who were in the past they noticed the “unwilling conscience” of subconscious unwillingness.

They also noticed that this also reflects many of the subconscious opinions and they also came across the problems. Researchers also present the work in which they are trying to take under their notice that the relationship between literature and psychology their main purpose is that that psychological criticism are categories in such a way as their personality unwillingness, previous arrangements are the dream which effect on symbols creation, metaphor, and allusion by using psychological disapprovals.

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As we know that literature and psychology are the only two branches of science that study human personality. In Psychology, researchers study and work on human behaviors and on the other hand in literature studies on human behavior through fabrication. These two branches of social science work on human behavior are correlated and valuable equally. And the major part of this correlation the literary work researcher studies and collect knowledge on.

The main purpose of literary work is that they work on specific psychological conditions.

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Psychology also gives observations to literature by giving attention to mental processes. A literary work from psychology which is stating characters, and their moods, and convincing the readers into the psychological phases of human reality.

Apart from everything literature and psychology there only one branch of science which is correlated so much in this analysis of this relationship between both the human body and personality and at the same time they had their disagreements and the problems which they are facing, and also doing endlessly efforts to clarify the relationship in terms of specific rules, and to know the most hidden phases of the human personality and its subconscious areas in so much details whereas these both branches have been going through rough paths in between their existence of arts and science for decades.

These two branches are originally back from the Ancient Greeks era. Psychological data works from literature and it was also found in Plato and Aristotle’s works. Psychological most essentials part will have its presence in literary works as long as they will not making humans part of their idea and writings. Literature psychology coverings almost every fragment or parameters we want to have knowledge about literature, the literature is a product of mind. Literature is also well known for an important source of inspiration for the science of psychology, which gives relevant explanations about human emotions, behaviors and mental processes from a scientific perspective.

Evidence shows the clear understanding of literature and psychology. Psychologists and writers they both work through these two branches. These both branches have different perspectives psychology tells about the literature psychology with more comprehensive manner in a literary work. This also helps to create with the author as a part of this society and on basis of the personal social experiences. Totally relaying on scientific findings of psychology this study of literary work is for getting know the inner world of these branches. It is well explained that there is a serious argue of need in literature psychology that to make the analysis of a literary work more accurately. Excluding limitations, this vast area of literature psychology in the methodic awareness is still in the developing and also still lingering at the terminological level. It is mandatory to specify literary psychology and university departments of psychology and literature should encourage their students to work on it. This main step will be very useful in order to achieve the goal of filling the existing gap in between literature psychology. This kind of findings will be the part of discussions about clearing analogies between the study of literature and psychology and playing a part in contributing and setting a model for those areas which are recently developed.

There are chances of literature to evaluate psychology in terms of empirical evidence and there is also a possibility literature work which is totally based on psychology to give facts. There are three reasons to examine psychology and literature critically which are:

  1. Concept of lower ‘psychology in literature. Literature is also a source of psychological data and insights for psychology.
  2. Literature is both dependent and independent variable and can also be understood by psychology.
  3. The concept of higher-level counts psychology as a part of nomothetic and literature as idiographic.

Each category gives an clear concept of psychology is literature specifically in nurturing cultural research.

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Interrealtionship Between Psychology and Literature

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