Interpret Marketing Trends and Developments Essay

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Interpret Marketing Trends and Developments

The aim of this report is to determine if potential alternative hub airports to service the growing of Australasian and Pacific markets by researching and identifying considerable inroads into this large market for expanding and growing opportunities for Virgin Australia’s potential abilities

Methods Used
A questionnaire (Appendix 1) was distributed to students attending Metropolitan South Institute of Tafe (MSIT) as well other data conducted to research preliminary and secondary data from the Tourism Australia market profile. As well as conducting Risk Analysis from other countries in the Pacific and Australasian countries, which includes airlines and traveller statistics and performances.

When undertaking the questionnaires, the data was distributed and collated by answering question on what students preferred as their haul destinations. As a result the analysis was conducted that most of the students preferred Fiji in category 1 while category 2 the students preferred Malaysia that has the highest percentage of students followed by Vietnam and Philippines as their hub destination.

Students preferred its natural beauties of its countries rather that its infrastructure, and rich heritage. As well as its scenic views and luckily 23 students have travelled internationally while 4 students said they never travelled at all. From the students conducted in this questionnaire students were around 21 to 30 years old more than the rest of the respondents in this demographic.

Other than the questionnaire, this report did not use any other sources but analysing a risk matrix of countries whether the profile status was able to be a hub destination or not.

This report looks at the opinions of students attending MSIT Mt Gravatt, and investigations of countries in the Pacific and Australasian regions for strategies to conduct major airlines services.

From this report it will be investigated by the following elements of regional analysis in Australasia and the Pacific. It will also look at the trends from the landscape of aviation analysis and the main key airlines that each countries support on using as its carrier. Demographics will also be analysed by the market performance of the country in each category and its destination ports and statistics.

Establishing a performance on its international routes will be the key priority in building successful and stronger platforms for the future.

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