Interpersonal Relationships in the Work Place Essay

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Interpersonal Relationships in the Work Place

In today’s world, there is a need for work to be done as quickly as possible. And for this purpose, working professionals need to have good relations between each other. Healthy professional relations can be maintained by effective workplace communication and teamwork. Interpersonal relationships at work gradually develop with good team participation and communication with other members. You can say that everything at the office depends on good relationships between employees and the management.

Interpersonal relationships at work are absolutely essential, as they help workers to have a mutual understanding between themselves. I believe that that strong interpersonal relationships at work lead to motivation among employees. The main benefit of having interpersonal relationships at work is that they work in a team. If there are healthy interpersonal relationships in the team members, they certainly tend to work collectively towards the prescribed goal. Teamwork also contributes a lot to a healthy work environment.

Employees feel good to work if there is a favorable environment at the workplace. If employees have a mutual understanding with each other, there are very less chances of any kind of workplace conflicts. Communication is one of the most crucial interpersonal skills to be practiced at the workplace. Without effective interpersonal communication, there will not be a smooth and clear flow of ideas, resulting in confusion. A true professional will always talk to other executives, with looking directly into the eyes.

Always smile when you speak with others, in a face to face talk or even on the phone. The smile will make others comfortable and it will also be apparent in the tone while on the phone. I believe that an effective supervisor needs to refrain from showing favoritism; make difficult, sometimes unpopular, decisions; show concern for subordinates without appearing to pry; and avoid misusing supervisorial power. Supervisors need to strike the right note in their interpersonal relations with workers. About three month ago there was an incident at my place of employment.

My manager pulled me into her office and closed the door. Immediately I replied did I do something wrong? She replied no you actually did something so right. She said one of our patient’s family members over heard a conversation that you and another employee had. I knew exactly what she was talking about. A coworker of mines came up to me while I was in a patient’s room and yelled out “why didn’t you sign off the water log yesterday. I politely said im sorry but it may have been a mistake. If you give me a minute to finish what I am doing here I will come over and take care of it.

She said “what ever, we will see”. The visitor looked at me and said that was very rude but you handled that professionally. With a smile on my face I said thank you very much and left the room. I immediately went to my coworker and politely explained how rude and disrespectful she was to the patient and her visitors. She understood what I was saying, she then apologized to me the patient and the visitors. My manager knows how rude my coworker can be on a daily basis. So she then pulled her in the office and asked us both how us we work the incident out.

We both gave our side of the story and we both told the truth. My manager then presented me with a Starbucks gift card for being employee of the week. When communicating with other employees, it is fine if you add a bit of humor to the scene, just to release the stress and tension involved. Make sure you do not get involved in the blame game. Always ensure that you stick to what you said. It is a good idea to share what you recently accomplished and found out. This creates a feeling of openness among the team members.

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