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Interpersonal relationship Essay Examples

Essay on Interpersonal relationship

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The phantom of the opera

... The world of this play is constantly hilarious as many events unfold opposite of the viewers thinking. The element of phantom depicted as a ruthless person and also as a loving person humbles me. The writer of the play shows that every person has his good side despite the negative deeds each one does. The play puzzles me how phantom let’s go Christine and wishes her well in her love endeavors despite his stand all along to never bow down to defeat. The character of phantom changes a...

The Tale of Cupid and Psyche. Love Stories

...Apart from impersonation, another aspect is dishonesty. Since Francesca has fallen in love with Paolo, their relationship still goes on even after the wedding(Singleton). After several years, the secret finally comes to light when Gianciotto walks in on them while behind closed doors. This discovery angers Gianciotto that he decides to kill Paolo. However, when he swings his rapier, Francesca rushes between them and takes the blow. The rapier ends up cutting through France...

Has television destroyed communication among friends and family?

...Many of my friends are in similar situations--my best friend, for example, has just finished law school, which took about sixty hours a week of his time. In a word, people nowadays have very little time for anything, but television is not the cause--it is increased desire to succeed. In some situations, however, television has surely contributed to a decrease in communication among family members. In my childhood in the countryside, I often saw parents and children watching television for hours ...

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Perspectives from Inner Windows

...Cheryl Albury in the book” Perspectives from Inner Windows,” reveals many of the social problems that we face in Bahamian society. In her stories “Waiting for Love” and “Pot of Gold” she uses them to reflect on some of the characteristics of Bahamian Men. From these two stories Albury portrays men as manipulative and selfish. In “Waiting for love” we are introduced to the relationship of Stafford and Phyllis a young couple from Exuma. Stafford, evil in his ways, preys on naïve P...

"Teenagers need to take into account important issues in order for a relationship to flourish."

...To conclude, the issues of communicating in a relationship, understanding one another, not marrying a person on face value and love are all essential elements of a good relationship. As young people we need to consider these issues seriously in order to have a successful relationship and a successful future of happiness and bliss. If these do not exist in any relationship then unfortunately the relationship will be doomed. Just like in our society today where there is a lot of marriage break up ...

Compare/Contrast two friends

...On other hand, we know some people have a bad personally. They we have to keep way from us. They who makes us a bad gay, useless, unhappy, dangerous, and always their have a trouble; whatever times, a bad friends have dangerous idea and they are a big different between a greet friends and a bad friends. We have to call them enemy because they are usually make us in troubles and they do not have anything to trust in this world. Also, if we have to compare between a abusive friends and a good frie...

Case Study 8.1: His Team Gets the Best Assignments

...4.Do you think Carly should change her approach toward the associate directors? If so, what should she do differently? Definitely, organizations stand to gain much from having leaders who can create good working relationship. Carly should try to be an effective leader and build effective relationships with all her employees, the number one thing to do would be to communicate and listen to each of them about their roles and responsibilities. She should also support them in their tasks and motivat...

Causes and Effects of Breaking Up

...Growing apart, an instance in which two people just do not feel attraction towards each other anymore is very commonplace, resulting in an end of a relationship. Some couples simply "fall out of love". Some people can only stand so much of another person before they grow tired of them. Sometimes a person finds another person besides their boy/girlfriend who they are attracted to. Finding somebody "better" will end a relationship quickly, and start a new relationship as well. If a person finds so...

Innerbeauty vs Outer beauty

...Then we come to the conclusion “what’s beautiful? To be yourself-deeply and totally- is the essential. Not to disfigure yourself in the name of ‘beauty’ because everyone else is doing so. How can you know who you are, if you look like everyone else? Inner beauty implies that is just not outward beauty, but a kind of aura- call it spiritual or otherwise- that you have that affects you and people around you. And eventually, if you love yourself truly, you will look beautiful. What you are ...

Definition essay: Trust

...Trusting yourself could be bad if you know what your weaknesses are or how strong your will-power is. For example, if you have to be somewhere at a specific time, and you say to yourself, “I have 30 minutes, I’ll be fine” but in reality you know by just knowing yourself that you should’ve been on the way a long time ago, could be used as a poorly self-trusting act. Trusting yourself in situations where you could make a big mistake by doing something you’re not supposed to and walking a...

Top Five Strengths Through The Test

...While doing this test and research on my strengths I have found that this has been so beneficial in my life and my walk with Christ. It has helped me identify and also use my strengths in a better way to sever the Lord in my ministry. Just understanding my strengths has not only helped me understand myself better, but also understand my specific and important role in my life with Christ. Thinking and praying on my strengths, God has just continued to confirm how much He loves me and to show me t...

Analysis of Central Idea in Helena Maria Viramontes’ “The Moths”

...Finally the cancer kills the grandmother, and the granddaughter continues to take care of her, undressing her and washing her in the tub, as she holds her and rocks her back and forth. At this point, moths are released from the grandmother; the moths which the grandmother told the granddaughter “lay within the soul and slowly eat the spirit up” (ViraMontes 1121.) The granddaughter cries and sobs in the tub with her grandmother until her sadness transformed into relief. Later the granddaughte...

Tesco organisation culture

...Individualistic Western managers prefer making decisions individually or deferring to their supervisors instead of consulting with others. Western world have a low power distance culture, and they value personal equality and believe in decentralization and empowered subordinates. But the situation in China is a little complicated. Some researchers propose that decisions are typically participatory in collectivistic-high power distance countries. Other researchers think that employees in those co...

Factors That Lead to Passion Killing

...Focus is lost if a person is looking at receiving or giving in a relationship, the idle way is to be in a relationship with someone for who they are and not what they have, what they do, where they come from. Some people feel unwanted or think that they are being robbed due to the fact that it’s only them that give, so at times arguments and disagreements break out to the point that people begin to apply violence against each other. Men are stronger than women and so they can easily hurt their...

?Better to be Feared or Loved?

...Being feared can cause a mass of destruction, but being loved by people can cause a more healthy relationship between others and the society. In conclusion, people who are loved are more valued than being feared. Whether people are of a high authority or just a common citizen, it is better for people to be loved than feared. Having hatred towards others or yourself will only cause loneliness and heartache. For example, Adolf Hitler, the dictator of Nazi Germany during World War II, may have had ...

Successful Aging

...According to this model, people become more selective in choosing activities and interests as they grow older. Although they become more selective, they seek to maximize their chances of achieving desirable outcomes or goals within their selected domains. This goes along very well with what we talked about in class and what the website that I found discusses. Basically all of this information lines up with what we learned in class and what I personally think it means to age successfully. Persona...

True friendship

...After all the emotions of betrayal you go through your own support system kicks in, you control these emotions and your mind helps you. You slowly begin building yourself up again. You trust people less and your more careful around people. Your barriers and walls are up again. You’re careful, before you call someone your friend. Sometimes you look for different qualities in people, you avoid being friends with people that remind you of the person that betrayed you. You have other friend...

Keeping Pets

...On the other hand, in contemporary society, many intelligent animals have been trained to be a doorkeepers since long time ago. It is reported that pets can often avoid thieves stealing something valuable from people's house .Because busy work make people enable to dismiss the suggestion as trivial ,but thanks to smart pets today we can live in a safe and comfortable environment. On the contrary, there are also many stray animals in the society. Sometimes their owners abolish them or they just l...

Influence of Peers

...The most important thing that parents and teachers can do is to improve peer relationships is to provide positive interactions with other children. Allowing children to participate in sports and other social activities that are non-threating, within the school and community setting helps improve social skills and develop healthy relationships. Parents and teachers can allow the child to develop skills on their own time especially in situations where there is a family issue, death of a friend or ...

"Daddy Long Legs" by Jean Webster

...Judy even considered Daddy Long Legs her composite family. But WHAT CAN I SAY? True love prevails. It was justified at the end that Judy fell in love with Jervie Pendleton and NOT Daddy Long Legs who just happens to be her benefactor. It’s such a sweet finish but left me hanging. It would have been better if Judy did not leave Jervie while recovering from illness. It was mentioned, however, that they will be reunited again. I will definitely recommend this book. It is simple yet has a twist in...

Romeo and Juliet: Are they in love?

...While love seems to be a good thing, it’s often painful, causing many problems. For Romeo and Juliet, their love for each other was their ultimate demise. Living without the other was so unbearable that they both had to commit suicide. Based on Aristotle’s three levels of friendship, Romeo and Juliet’s relationship starts out as utility and grows into pleasure and finally into complete love. During Romeo and Juliet, both main characters mature rapidly over a small span of time, merely five...

Of Mice and Men

...In my opinion is the only reason that George stayed with Lennie because he could not survive without him due to his fear of loneliness and his lack of employment opportunities without Lennie. Yet even though they haveeach other they are still lonely s the only have each other to depend on and no one else. Lennie and George decided to be alone together as it would mean that they would be safe. Due to the fact that Lennie was mentally disabled he got into a lot of trouble and George knew that some...

Attitude Towards Work

...A negative attitude in the workplace is expressed as cynicism about job tasks, a disinterest in working with others and insubordination toward authority. The negative attitude may be subtle; for example, the employee may come in late or make frequent sarcastic comments. Both overt and discreet expressions have ramifications on an office environment. Dorene Ciletti, author of "Market Yourself," states that a worker who exudes a negative attitude tends to be monitored carefully and is unlikely to ...

The Advantages of Making Friends

...Founding specific groups like reading club, school’s essential comittee for participating general affairs, etc is one example for using the advantage of friendship. Every successful and leading business company cannot run their business without involving many staffs who have the warm atomsphere of friendship.Nowadays, as the technologies are rapdily bombing, we have some popular social networks like facebook, twitter, friendstar online. These websites are intentionally published in order to ma...

Attachment Theory

...This theory can help the counsellor to become aware of all the different types of anxieties and disorders that their clients may be facing theory it serves as a map, which offers insights into different types of relationships , effective coping strategies and the underlying dynamics of the persons emotional difficulties , it also helps the counsellor to understand the strategies that many individuals use to get their unmet needs met which sometimes result in them becoming more distressed than be...

Friends. Good friends – and such good friends.

...There is also chiasmus in the text: “What this friend means to me and what I mean to her…” We come across an asyndeton in the text: “A time, perhaps, when we roomed in college together; or worked as eager young singles in the Big City together; or went together….” Anadiplosis is used to make emphasis on the object: “Crossroads friends forge powerful links, links strong enough…” Parenthesis: “…to be revived – and though we may rarely meet, whenever we do connect…” and:...

Gwen Harwood Relationships Throughout Poems

...In conclusion, Gwen Harwood deals with the constant relevant issues of loss and consolation by the enduring power of poetic treatment of age and youth. In my opinion, on the most profound of universal truths, there is no certainty in life and we must deal with events and situations as we encounter them. Harwood’s poetry distinctly presents a slight difference throughout exploration of the relationship between age and youth, which has greatly shaped my own understanding of these specific effec...

Interpersonal Communication

...After five years, they meet in the airport and take same plane. At this time, Harry is going to get married and Sally is in a relationship. When Harry asked Sally, she refuses to have dinner with him. Another five years later, they meet in the book store. Both of them are not in the relationship anymore. As they share the news, their relationship starts in the experimenting stage again. At this time, they are really getting closer and their relationship proceeds further. Self-disclosure plays a ...

Interpersonal relationship

...Until this point, they are really good friends to each other. Eventually, they find out themselves in a relationship mood. However, being a good friend to each other makes them hesitant as they do not want to lose each other. Later the movie, Sally asks Harry to come over her house because her previous boyfriend is getting married. They suddenly have unexpected sex and they feel uncomfortable. Sally does not want to spend time with him anymore as sex part really gets in the way and it is hard fo...

Human Relations and Communications: Theories Present in Education Today

...Eden, D. (1988). Pygmalion, goal setting, and expectancy: Compatible ways to boost productivity. Academy Of Management Review, 13(4), 639-652. doi:10.5465/AMR.1988.4307530 Green, R. L., (2013). Practicing the Art of Leadership: A Problem-Based Approach to Implementing the ISLLC Standards, Fourth Ed. Boston: MA: Pearson Education, Inc. Greenwood, R., & Miller, D. (2010). Tackling design anew: Getting back to the heart of organizational theory. Academy Of Management Perspectives, 24(4), 78-88....

Power of Love

...(Nevid & Rathus, 2005) Empty love to me is a love where two people are married and yet aren’t in love with one another anymore but they stay together because of security and emotional ties and years have been invested. They stay together for fear of being alone and they deal with each other because it’s out of respect. (Nevid & Rathus, 2005) in today’s society so many people can relate to this sort of love because so many people remain together for their children not realizing that...

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

...Abigail, R. A.., & Cahn, D. D. (2011). Managing conflict through communication. 4th Ed. Boston: Allyn and Bacon. ISBN: 9780205685561 Ashy, M., Mercurio, A. E., & Malley-Morrison, K. (2010, March). Apology, forgiveness, and reconciliation: An ecological world view. Individual Differences Research 8 (1), 17-26 http://proxy1.ncu.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=psyh&AN=2010-05622-003&site=ehost-live Bullock, S. (2011, July/August). Empowering s...

Role of Friends in Our Life

...The seeds of friendship need to be sowed deep and the plant needs to be carefully and tenderly nurtured to bear a great fruit. I would like to conclude by quoting a few lines from the title song of popular American sitcom Friends which sums up the true essence of friendship: “I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour. I'll be there for you, like I've been there before. I'll be there for you, because you're there for me too." Also before I end this speech, I would like you to reflec...

Attachment Styles

...As I mentioned before these attachment styles you gain them from your childhood, but they can be different or change as you grow older and start forming relationships with a partner. It is important to find what your attachment style is so you can form a good relationship and aim to have a secure attachment style. If you have one of the negative attachment styles, therapy is one option to help you change your attachment. Also finding a person who has a secure attachment style you can work on dev...

Childhood experiences

...To conclude it seems that there is sufficient evidence to support bowlbys theory that early childhood experiences both being involved in relationships and observations of parents to does to some extent play a role in affecting their adult relationships. However due to the causal nature of much of the studies related to this area means that it can be difficult to establish what the true cause and effects are of early childhood experiences or whether it is other factors that are contributing to th...

The Most Valuable Thing in Life Is Friendship

...While you did not mention about the problem to anyone, a true friend can see the pain you are hiding behind a fake smile on your face and they will always be there for you. Therefore, friend is an alternative for a good listener because a true friend will never spread the miserable or embarrassing stories you faced to others as they know the true value of friendship. Apart from that, a true friend always supports you whenever you feel down or depressed. Whenever you are sad, they will lend you t...

Interpersonal conflict in the Movie "Hitch"

...In this particular movie the characters were using aggressive communication as a means of getting their points across. This could very well be relationship suicide. They should utilize a more assertive way of communicating to each other. While they were arguing they should have found a way to lighten the argument. According to Sole, “In happy marriages, instead of always responding to anger with anger, the couples found a way to lighten the tension and to de-escalate the conflict (Sole 2011)....

Grandparents and Grandchildren Relationships

...Therefore, from this relationships the grandchildren gains historians and educators. Another important role that the grandparents can play on the growth of their grandchildren is mentoring them. Children require mentorship in order to avoid making some mistakes such as engaging in immoral behaviors. As a result of these relationships, children develop life skills on activities which can be performed during their leisure times. Grandparents also can gain some benefits from their relationships wit...

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