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Interpersonal communications improvement plan Essay

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Interpersonal communications improvement plan

Problem: I have developed a bad habit of not having confidence in myself at college, in my study habits, and expressing myself. Goal: To improve my self-confidence, I will keep a good self-image. I will imagine myself as a strong, confident and decisive person. I will think and act positively. I plan to learn new study habits. I will be able to speak with my teachers and advisors about my problems. Procedure: First, I will have the confidence to ask for help. Next, I will not waste time, energy and effort by worrying about my weakness and deficits. I will seek help and ask more questions to better myself.

I will be more open about my problems. Finally, I will stop worrying about problems and work through them. Test of Achieving Goal: I will know I have achieved this goal, when I become more comfortable asking for help to develop better study habits. The proof will be seen in my test scores and research papers, which will show me that I can improve my grades in college through perseverance. Journal Entry 1 Date: Oct. 4, 2006 Results: I talked to my English teacher about my research paper that is due next week. She helped me with my mistakes. She said it was a good paper overall.

Journal Entry 2 Date: Oct. 4, 2006 Results: I talked to my baseball coach and explained my problems with my grades. He wants to help me in any way possible. Journal Entry 3 Date: Oct. 5, 2006 Results: I talked with my advisor. I opened up to him by explaining that I can’t believe my tests scores, after doing so much studying. He led me in directions that should increase the effectiveness of my study habits. He knows that I can do it. Journal Entry 4 Date: Oct.

6, 2006 Results: I emailed all of my teachers. I asked them how to improve my grades. I also requested study tips from them. Journal Entry 5 Date: Oct 7, 2006 Results: I put to use the study tips from Dr. Bommarito. I didn’t get frustrated with all of the information that I needed to learn for my history test. I had to do it, so I did. Journal Entry 6 Date Oct. 8, 2006 Results: I asked my parents to see how my studying was coming along. They asked me questions from flash cards that I made. They were very supportive. They were very happy to see the new methods I have been using.

They could see how I was not getting as frustrated while studying and writing research papers. Interpersonal Communications Improvement Summary My original intention was to use confident behavior to improve my study skills, so that I may get better grades. I feel that I accomplished this, even in such a short time. Emailing my teachers was a small step, but I believe it will pay off in the long run. Each time I talked to one of my teachers and coaches, it gave me more confidence to try again. They were all receptive to my needs, and gave me good advice to help improve my grades and my study habits.

I would have to say that my biggest concern was asking for help from my parents. However, by the time I talked to my parents, my confidence level was up from my interactions with my teachers and coaches. I do not get as frustrated as I have in the past. I also felt concern over how my coach would view me after I opened up to him. His reaction was very supportive, as were my parents. I now feel a lot of encouragement from the people who are most important to me. It means so much to me that they were all willing to sit down and go over assignments with me and give me many good study tips.

I am now more comfortable talking to them because I know they believe in me. I was surprised about how much easier studying has become since applying the tips I have received, especially from Dr. Bommarito. I am anxious to see the results in my improved test scores and research papers. My self-concept has greatly improved. I feel confident that I can get the help I need by just asking for it. I feel confident in my new study skills. I feel confident that I can continue to learn more study skills, and that I can improve my grades by applying what I have learned. This has been a good experience for me overall.

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