Interpersonal Communication Skills at The Vanrex

The Vanrex, Inc faces public scrutiny from Hayestown residents over the air pollution concerns. The adverse message on Vanrex to the public primarily originates from the Hayestown Clarion’s anti-Vanrex propaganda, resulting bad publicity in the local press. Therefore, you have to envision a new mission statement to reinforce rich public relations; moreover, you should send its positive message to mass media to correct misinformation in the residents’ mind. Otherwise, Vanrex keeps having environmental complaints from the community even though it is currently in compliance with the standards of the industry.

In the “Vanrex Subject of Complaints”, Evan Lynn who is a staff writer from Hayestown Clarion said that emissions from the plant increased at night; sulfur dioxide caused discomfort “rotten egg” smell and respiratory problem. However, the ODH&E and the USEPA found the plant in compliance with the regulatory requirements; the County Health Department also found no evidence of any further health hazard. Yet the complaints still continued.

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This may happen because Evan Lynn uses a persuasive style and tone that continuously grabs the public’s attention to Vanrex’s misinformation.

  1. Alternative A: you should come up with a revise mission statement focusing on the environmental sustainability and progressive standards of quality in order to uphold promises to its stakeholders. After that, you have to send its new message to mass media such as Hayestown Clarion newspaper to regenerate a new plant image in the minds of Hayestown residents. Advantage: The residents will see the plant taking corrective actions seriously regarding their complaints.

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    Disadvantage: It may consume Vanrex much time and money to restructure the plant according to new mission statement.

  2. Alternative B: you can promote community landscaping project to plant deciduous trees in neighborhoods to improve temporary air quality. Advantage: the community can obverse immediate action taken by the plant regarding their air pollution complaints. Disadvantage: This is just a short-term solution to minimize resident complaints. In a long-run, the plant still has to be restructured for eco-innovation and pollution prevention.

For a long-term vision, you should revise mission statement focusing on the environmental sustainability and progressive standards of quality, and deliver this message to citizens and press of Hayestown in a tactical yet manageable way. For successful implementation, you should apply a style and tone that simply and concisely conveys the goals of the mission statement. Furthermore, you should discover creative ways to soften your report by using an easy and unsophisticated language to help your audience understand the information communicated. This practice can help preventing misinformation but boost the readers’ confidence.

Bailey & Wick is suffering from a common communication problem in hierarchical, bureaucratic organizations which is lack of objective feedback. Lack of sufficient relevant feedback causes employees’ dissatisfaction and frustration, resulting B&W low ranking in a nationwide poll on associates’ job satisfaction and career advancement prospects. In order to improve the quality of the feedback system, you can reorganize the company’s feedback processes using more carrot, and provide training for employees about how to give and receive effective feedback.

In a high-pressured organization, the formal communication exists only if it falls under one’s job responsibility or tasks; otherwise, they don’t bother much about others’ works. The partners who are the ruling class limit giving any objective feedback to their staff because they only need the average worker to be a workhorse for several years before letting the staff go.

Bailey & Wicks senior partners may feel that they can discriminate the wheat from the chaff objectively, but without clear feedback systems the company is losing out on the potential of many workers. Rather than providing the standards by which staff members will be gauged, partners unknowingly use personal bias in selecting and developing partner candidates.

  1. Alternative A: you should inform all employees of agreed-upon goals on their first day and do performance appraisals periodically. Advantages: Employees will know what are the measures used to evaluate their performance, which will help them to improve and make progress in their professional growth. Besides, partners will know what specific criteria can be used to give employees the carrot or the stick. Disadvantages: The changes to the feedback system should be agreed upon by all top senior partners and communicated in a meeting to all partners, which may be time-consuming.
  2. Alternative B: you should provide feedback to employees through training programs and one-on-one initial feedback sessions between partners and staff. Advantages: This way training would actually have an identifiable reward, employees could fairly compete for partner positions, and partners would be able to get the most out of staff. Disadvantages: Training is not considered as a responsibility unless a great amount of legitimate interest for promoting and nurturing the training is shown from the one who expects to be mentored.

In conclusion, you should evaluate all employees’ strengths and weaknesses in light of agreed-upon goals and objectives through the performance appraisals. In addition, employees should be given specific comments in a matter-of-fact tone. After giving feedback to employees, you should follow up the feedback process and evaluate its results to take immediate corrective actions.

Fryar’s contributions to the marketing team were unnoticed. The emerging problem is that there was neither an official performance appraisal given on Fryar’s actual performance nor efforts made to handle meeting participation during the meeting, which resulted in none progression of his efforts to foster collaboration with the team members. This is not only made Fryar feel left out but also reduced the productivity of the team because the company in overall could benefit better if Fryar’s great ideas were accepted by the team. To enhance corporation within the team, you should give Fryar one-on-one feedback and come up with your affective meeting strategy.

Most of the team members had been with the group for long time. They worked effectively together and had good performance under pressure during responses to the company’s urgent requests. Fryar who was young and motivated was a newly added member. However, he might be arrogant because he worked to be heard, which could be the reason that the team ignored his ideas and suggestions during the meetings.

  1. Alternative A: As a team leader, you should give Fryar one-on-one performance appraisal to evaluate his strengths and weakness towards the team’s goals and objectives. Advantages: It helps to arrive at mutually understood goals and criteria for performance. Also by giving Fryar feedback, you can help him understand that the effectiveness and success must be based on that of the team in overall not individuals. Disadvantages: This feedback may discourage Fryar and hurt his feeling because he is so enthusiastic about this marketing position. However, this is the stage Fryar has to take and go through to be integrated into the team.
  2. Alternative B: During the meetings, you should be able to play the constructive roles such as gatekeeper, agenda setter, consensus builder, cheerleader, or leader depending on the context to handle meeting participation effectively. Advantages: You can be able to alter situation towards the team’s best outcomes during meeting. For example, you can be a gatekeeper to keep members stick to the agenda, an agenda setter to put new ideas on the table when members don’t have any ideas, a consensus builder to take action from others’ ideas, a cheerleader to give good comments for anyone who has considered ideas, or a leader which should be your primary role-play to make ultimate decisions. Disadvantages: You are required to have abilities to understand and analyze the situation correctly to choose appropriate role-play during the meeting.

In conclusion, to handle this case successfully, you first have to give Fryar official performance appraisal. Then, you should come up with effectively meeting strategy to manage meetings. Before every meeting, you should know and understand the goals of the meeting to prepare and provide appropriate material. During the meeting, you should pick role-plays depending on likely situations to manage the meeting outcomes. Finally, you should follow up with unsatisfied members to have corrective actions after meeting.

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