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Internship Report on DateTheRamp


DateTheRamp is India’s leading luxury fashion rental service, specializing in designer wear for women.

Worldwide, fashion rental is regarded as the next wave in fashion industry, and is also recognized as a route to sustainable fashion. New-age consumers value experience over ownership. Uber, AirBnB etc are examples of this “Experience Economy”.DateTheRamp is creating this fashion revolution in India; it started small and is already going big!Headquartered in Bangalore, service is already available in 5 cities in a blended online-offline model.

Apart from its website, DateTheRamp has offline Experience Centers in Bangalore, Delhi (opening in December) and Mumbai (opening in January). These Experience Centers have a unique retail environment never before seen in India!DateTheRamp is founded by Chinmoy Panda, IIM-A alumnus and seasoned entrepreneur of 20+ years.

Outright Purchase from Designers

Garments are purchased directly from Designers on outright basis and are kept in stock


All online orders are traced and processed through DTR Operations Software.

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Two process are done during order processing-

Stylist call for required alterations.

Home trials (Optional)


Ordered garments are ironed, folded and packed in DTR boxes with personalized cards.

For Delhi, Mumbai orders garments are directly sent in carton box via courier and are packed in DTR boxes in respected cities and delivered to home.


Orders are delivered and packed through delivery person.

Domestic- Hired DTR Staff to Deliver order

Intercity- -Mumbai/Delhi/Bhubaneswar/Kolkata through ‘Patel ‘courier by air.

Hired Individuals from each cities packages according to desired packaging manner and were delivered by them


Items are sent for minimum 3 days and Third day is return day, in-house DTR delivery staff goes to take items back


After return, Garments are sent for Dry Cleaning.

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Dry-Cleaning is done through second party company called- ‘Band-Box’.

After Dry-clean, garments are back in stock for another round.

Garment ready to go for Dry-Clean

DEPARTMENTS i.e. teams

  • Buying Team
  • Design Team
  • Tech Team
  • Business Development department
  • Packaging team
  • Delivery Team
  • HR Department
  • EC Team- Bangalore, Delhi.


Used to Style clients (Outfit+Jewelleries+Designer-clutches) according to theirs occasions and Body-type.


Went for marketing Exhibitions to promote awareness about designer renting options.


Designed solution for garments fullnes by making ligheweight can-can skirt


Visual Merchandising for Christmas.


Went to Lakme Fashion week as a buyer to interact and deal with designers for next buying round.


  1. Managing Headquarter and Experience Centre.
  2.  Dealing with Designers.
  3. Dealing Clients.
  4. Keeping track of stock.
  5. Overview of all Departments.


  1. To focus more on skill set.
  2. Work independently and as a part of team
  3. Effective Communication.
  4. Getting Things done before time.

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